Masters of the Universe-No Hiding Place [‘Audiobook’ Spec Script]

Hey folks, I put this together all week specifically for Revelation and Comiccon weekend.

It’s my own personal take on what happened after [I]He-Man and The Masters of the Universe[/I] ended it’s run in the 80s

“What if one other person knew the secret?” and we all know who that person is…but suppose they’ve known for the longest time and a brush with death convinces them life’s too short to keep that to themselves? Before long, a fearsome yet familiar and evenly matched foe from the future arrives to plauge our heroes with their greatest fear…for Prince Adam and Teela, there truly is no hiding place!”

(This ‘script’ is free to use as an audio book drama for anyone keenly interested in bringing it to life)

Download Here

Doctor Who: The World Shapers [‘Audio Script’ Adaptation/Fanfic]

This month’s free ‘audio script’ spec release is an adaptation of Grant Morrison’s controversial epic “The World Shapers”, I’ve tried to stay as faithful to the original storyline as possible, while altering much of the dialogue, adding some additional elements, extending scenes, and creating a whole new ending, based off an Eighth Doctor comic strip adventure, complete with a ‘surprise’ guest star (which is bound to ‘age well’, rofl)

Download Here

Batman: TAS: “Hush”

We’re getting closer and closer to the release of my Batman: The Killing Joke re-edit that will include Bruce’s romance with Selina Kyle from ‘Hush’, but before that let’s see how Selina’s steamy affair with Batman kicks off in this half-hour prequel.

Using the last few minutes of the Batgirl prologue from The Killing Joke, and the majority of the Poison Ivy sub-plot from ‘Hush’, this should set the tone for the chaos to follow

Download Here

Amazing Spider-Man: The Chameleon Conspiracy [Comic Book Fanedit]

Hot off the press, it’s the latest Amazing Spider-Man story arc, with several pages restructured for improved pacing. The final ‘giant size’ issue has also been whittled down to a regular 20 or so page issue with a more definitive answer to Teresa’s identity and origin and a cliffhanger ending for Spidey and friends. I hope to re-edit next week’s ASM#70 to include the fall out from that just a bit, and when I do, it’ll be added to the folder.

Download Here

Doctor Who-Dimensions In Time ‘Series 27 Cut’ (Fanedit]

Dimensions In Time: Series 27 Cut is a fan edit of the 1993 30th anniversary story Dimensions In Time It a 24-minute cut using the 4K remaster available on Youtube, with the Ace Series 26 blu-trailer minisode, Time Fracture U.N.I.T Logs, and a few minutes of Lockdown Who’s Doctors Assemble all mixed into it.

Donwnload Here

Doctor Who-The Good Place [Fanfiction ‘Audio Book’ Script]

Landing in the holiday resort of Sevron, The Doctor and Graham deal with ‘Troxoak trees, Forest Rangers, suicide attempts, and matters of the heart (mild Spoilers for the comic strip arc “Mistress of Chaos” from Doctor Who Magazine)

Download Here

Update: Having given this story about 23 or so passes, I found a few typos and plot holes, which I’ve now done my best to fix, so if you’ve already downloaded this script and found those early gaffes, I apologize and you can now download a version that reads a little better.

That Will Always Be ‘Enough’ [Original Story]

Calvin Ellison was on his way to work, he kissed his wife goodbye, he promised his daughter he’d help assemble her model train set over the weekend, he apologized to his eldest son for the heated argument they had the night before, and he set off on his journey.

The journey normally took about an hour; today Calvin only managed five minutes, before a car hurtling down the busy streets at breakneck speed struck him down in no shorter than the span of three seconds.

His eardrums were significantly banged up, so he could only hear the fanintest of commotions from onlookers, all discussing what to best do with him. His sight was blurry, difficult to make images come to clear and vivid life, but he noticed various fleshly shapes causing commotion with someone he believed had stepped outside of the car, they were giving him a thorough telling off.

Perhaps that was enough to satisfy him, for it was the last situation he would see unravel before all too telling darkness overtook him.

Then came the voice, the last voice he would ever hear as Calvin Ellison, creeping into what remained of his active mind and being as clear and as loud as it could be

“Hello” said the voice

 “Who are you?” Calvin asked.

“I am what you will carry with you while you’re on your way, I am ‘Enough’”



“Well I’ve had just about ‘enough’ of this nightmare, when do I wake up?”

“I’m afraid this is it for you, you’re welcome to drop back in any time you want, but it will be a different life, a different approach. You won’t see your wife again, you can’t continue to mend fences with your son, you can’t give little Caroline her model train set…perhaps history will be kind and you’ll read about them, if they’re lucky and achieve fame or historical significance, they’ll be a part of you that remembers the ride you were on before-and that, is enough”

“Do I have enough to thank for that?”

“A joke” recognised ‘Enough’

“Much truth is said in jest” said Calvin.

“The truth is ‘enough’”  the voice replied.

 “Is that quite ‘enough’ out of you?” Calvin replied.

A suitcase appeared before him, opening it, Calvin found spiritual belongings, every memory, every anxiety, ever far flung romantic notion, every rejection, every reciprocation.

“There’s nothing in here but the heart on my sleeve” he says.

“And that will always be ‘enough’” the voice replied.

Calvin nodded, closed the suitcase, raised his hat to the disembodied voice, wherever and whomever it belonged to, took a bow, took a step back, and was absorbed into the void awash with darkness.