Star Wars: Last Jedi, New Empire

It’s here, my latest Last Jedi edit. I don’t intend it to be the last, as I’m currently contemplating a 3-in-1 trilogy…I just need to outline it a bit.

For now though, please enjoy this. I have added much of Kylo’s early interactions with Palaptine from Rise of Skywalker to this film, one of the major changes includes having Kylo travel to Mustafar after Snoke berates him for being nothing but a ‘child in a mask’, he goes there and cuts people down just for the sport of it. Palapatine then contacts him via the force and compels him to retrieve a way finder, we then cut back to Rey and Luke on his island and carry on from there.

Palpatine shows up again, this time in the flesh rather than a voice-over, shortly after Ren kills Snoke. Kylo traveal to Exogal where there is some use of the Fortnite speech from Palapatine and some alterations to the encounter between Ren and the Emperor.

The last major change is Kylo reveals to Rey, via their psychic rapport, that she is the granddaughter of the Emperor. I figure it’d make more sense to give her an “Empire” moment in the second act of the trilogy just as Luke’s parentage was a key factor in the second act of the original trilogy.

There are other areas cut, such as Kylo smashing his helmet and Poe’s crank call to Hun, but not much else is removed from Last Jedi as this is more about adding than subtracting. I hope to cut more from Last Jedi for my 3-in-1 edit.


Smallville: The Elseworlds Finale [Fanedit]

Got so caught up in yesterday’s Fandome Festivities I forgot to upload the edit, ‘doh

This is the feature-length fanedit of what I believe the Smallville series finale could have resembled had everyone decided to quit at the same time as Micheal Rosenbaum in season seven!

I think my biggest pitfalls with Smallville: Finale edits is how rushed the endings are…that’s largely due to the fact you can’t slow to a crawl something that was rushed already.

So I figured it’d be best not to use too much of Finale, make it the skeleton, not the meat as SouperboyX would say, the situation should be something Clark deals with once he’s entirely established. I also thought of an interesting idea on how Clark gets his costume, again, relying on an old concept.

A few years ago during an experimental edit, I tried to create an alternative costume introduction using footage from the season nine finale, but I had neglected to cut out the note written by Martha which stated the costume was in case he chose to stay.

Within the context of season nine, it makes more sense. In season seven…it almost does, except the note would suggest instead that the costume was intended for Clark if he stayed in SMALLVILLE, not Metropolis.

But I do like the idea of Clark receiving the costume as a bit of a mystery, think of it the same as when “Finale” has Johnathan Kent’s projection hands Clark the suit…you don’r know how he does that, and that lies the power of imagination. It’s dreams imprinting themselves upon reality.

Loads of changes to the original narrative

-Lois no longer finds out Clark’s identity

-Lana and Kara’s fates are not resolved as I wanted the episode to have some consequential fallout and give it a darker tone.

-Lex is recovered from the arctic by Tess…he’s in a bad way but he survives. Tess only has two cameos in the story, the other is to verify her as Lex’s sister.

There is no treachery from her.

Her loyalty is absolute.

-Clark has several prophetic dreams throughout the final act of the episode following the destruction of the fortress, dreams which gradually imprint themselves more and more on reality. In the first lucid dream he has after the destruction of the fortress, Clark makes a reference to sacrificing himself…this is in actuality a call-forward to the arrows he takes from Oliver later in the story, another is when he dreams of Jor-El and Johnathan giving him the Superman suit, only to wake up and find a physical version has been sent to him…we leave who a mystery to tie it to the dream better

-Chole’s son is now her and Jimmy Olsens’. Shot of the boy gazing over at Oliver’s arrows have been cut

-Footage from the video game Injustice 2 is used for brief shots of Darksied

-The final scene from ‘2013’ after Chloe completes her bedtime story to her son (boy that ages it), is now taken from the season 9 finale.

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An Appropriate Lie [Original Poem]

It’s crystal clear

Mutual attraction

Then all her pain is inside of you

Not even a fraction

You dare not move aside out of fear she’ll reject you

But was she ever yours is the question you’ll ask few

Those who have witnessed your last testimony

And know you’re sincere in your tall told stories

They’ll look to the sky and grace god with a wink

And pray the realisation occurs in the second reserved for a blink

Because you need to realise that while it’s not fair

You’re leading her through a storm that’s not there

And she’s about to provide you with her fair share

Did you ever stop to think of that cross to bear?]

Or was this when you woke up from the nightmare?

She starts to speak and ignores those behind you

The ones that stand their ground and pull through

They’re all smiles and it hurts to laugh

Now that you’re prepared for the aftermath

You’re right there in front and she starts to cry

And you’re left locked in the shell of an appropriate lie.

Power Rangers In Space-Taking Flight [Fanedit]

Power Rangers In Space

Here is a fanedit I’ve made of the beginnings of Power Rangers In Space. This edit was originally intended to be the entire In Space story condensed, but as I worked my way through the episodes I realised it was too much of a herculean undertaking that was leaving far too much cut out and a narrative that wasn’t very coherent and not being given time to breath. I’m sure somebody more talented than me can stitch together a more consistent edit in the future.

So to satisfy my determination to see an edit of this through, I looked back to the official Fox Kids omnibus edits of my childhood, and realised that, at least to my knowledge, Power Rangers In Space never had one focused on it’s points of origin, so there lay the challenge. This edit consists of a heavily edited “Chase Into Space” parts one and two, as well as most of In Space’s premiere “From Out of Nowhere” as well as the episode “The Delta Discovery”, this was largely thrown in there to ‘book-end’ the feature with an appearance from Divatox.

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Star Wars: Episode V.VI: Skywalker Strikes Back



Hunted across the galaxy by the relentless empire, the valiant heroes of the rebellion fight for survival, while young Luke Skywalker finds himself drawn to the Dagobah system to learn the ways of the Jedi from the wise mentor Yoda. When his friends fall into the hands of Darth Vader, Luke journeys to the cloud city of Bespin to confront the Sith Lord, but is he prepared emotionally for what is to come?

Even as he comes to terms with the hard truths he faces in confronting Vader, Luke has no time to rest, as a reckoning must come for the nefarious gangster Jabba the Hutt on Luke’s home world of Tatoonie, a valiant rescue mission is carried out, but can all of Luke’s new training enable him in freeing Han Solo?

This special edition fanedit combines the majority of the definitive chapter in the Star Wars saga with  over forty five minutes worth of footage from Return of the Jedi to create a more complete viewing experience, with a different prologue and cliffhanger ending!

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(I really am not very good at SW crawls, so I left the title alone and it’s still Empire)