Doctor Who-Listen



A twenty-one minute trim of the Eighth Series episode “Listen”, focusing entirely on the incident at the boy’s home and greatly shortening Clara’s disastrous date with Danny Pink so they only screw up just the once. I have also reposistioned small portions of the episode’s opening to the end



Dimensions In Time-Rematerialized

DIMENSIONS IN TIMERematerialized Change/Cut List
-Pre-credits sequence now starts with The Rani throwing the TARDIS off course.
-Moved Rani gloating over the floating heads of Hartnell and Troughton to mid-way through the story
-Cut “you’re all going on a long journey, a very long journey” line from The Rani
-Cut The Fifth Doctor talking to The Rani
-Placed a slightly shortened variation of The Fourth Doctor addressing The Doctors to mid-way through the story, just as The Rani confronts Five, Peri and Nyssa
-Cut Third Doctor meeting Brigadier and Sixth Doctor meeting Brigadier
-Removed Frank Butcher’s “I’ve seen people dragged out of the vic, but never dragged in” line
-Removed Seventh Doctor’s overdubbed line “it’ll overload”