Dimensions In Time-Rematerialized

DIMENSIONS IN TIMERematerialized Change/Cut List
-Pre-credits sequence now starts with The Rani throwing the TARDIS off course.
-Moved Rani gloating over the floating heads of Hartnell and Troughton to mid-way through the story
-Cut “you’re all going on a long journey, a very long journey” line from The Rani
-Cut The Fifth Doctor talking to The Rani
-Placed a slightly shortened variation of The Fourth Doctor addressing The Doctors to mid-way through the story, just as The Rani confronts Five, Peri and Nyssa
-Cut Third Doctor meeting Brigadier and Sixth Doctor meeting Brigadier
-Removed Frank Butcher’s “I’ve seen people dragged out of the vic, but never dragged in” line
-Removed Seventh Doctor’s overdubbed line “it’ll overload”