Doctor Who-The Ultimate Foe

:Ulimate foe


At first you don’t succeed, try again

This is a repost of an earlier edit, only this time it has slightly modified some more to include Pip and Jane Baker as credited co-writers in addition to Robert Holmes. The aspect ratio has also been fixed so nothing looks squashed.

Original Details:

-The episode opens with Glitz and Mel being transported to the Trial’s base station. It gives the whole story a “full circle” feel seeing as the Trial begins with the TARDIS being intercepted and sent down there

-Mostly everything plays out as is until we get to the beach. I managed to edit out the original cliffhanger with the hands coming out of the sands and replaced it with the nerve gas approaching Six’n’Glitz (the transistion is smoothed over by the Valeyard’s daunting laugh)

-Mel being tripped up by the Keeper of the Matrix (and her getting revenge later) is cut. I felt that whole routine was far too childish a runaround made to further delay characters.

-As a result of this being cut, Mel whingeing about the fake trial later on is cut.

-Finally, as a climax, I took the opportunity to end the edit just as Six says “I was about to be sentenced I believe?”, this allows me to remove the three cardinal sins of the original version’s conclusion. The Peri/Ycarnos “wuv” screengrab, the infamous “Carrot Juice” exchange and echo, and the pantomime reveal the Valeyard is alive and well. Also I think ending it on “I was about to be sentenced” makes for a nifty meta commentary on Colin’s own fate as The Doctor if you know your behind-the-scenes history



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