Power/Rangers-With Wasserman

The Rocky vs Tommy scene from the recent Power/Rangers short film by Joseph Khan with a Ron Wasserman track added to it.

(sorry for the typo in “trademarked”, will be correcting for the uploaded version soon)


Doctor Who-Silver Nemesis

Silver Nemesis


The whole point of fanediting is to do something a bit different, even if it is just a bit. So I thought a nice pre-credits sequence was in order, starting with the Jazz session and climaxing when Seven and Ace are knocked into the water by the Cybernized thugs. I also decided to leave the whys and hows of Lady Peintforte and Richard arriving in the present up in the air and leave you wondering how they came there, it gives them a more enigmatic presence, as mysterious in their ways as The Doctor is portrayed in the Cartmel era.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-The Ninja Encounter

I put the first version of this edit together after I read a scathing review of The Ninja Encounter in it’s original three-part format. The edit seemed to go down well and was favorably reviewed, but I realized upon numerous re-viewings that it was quite patchy in some places and had some plot holes. So I went ahead and redid it.

Edit clocks in at a tidy 35 minutes. Stuff missing include all the jetting, the splitting up of the teams, and the Hatchasauros side-plot