Doctor Who-Dark Water

Dark Water


So here we come to series eight’s finale, a story I feel has a lot of edge, but sadly softens it’s blows a little too much by the end. Let’s go full Hinchecliff instead eh? Let’s have noone killed make it out alive. No Danny and no Osgood obviously, but also no Kate and no kid. Let’s bring The Doctor to a truly captivating and daunting choice..sacrifice Missy, or spare her and let her lead him home? It has all the makings of a classic cliffhanger conundrum…the day has been dark, and we leave the characters in their darkest hour, leaving it up to your interpretation. I fully intend my edit of Last Christmas to open in the aftermath of the choice…and you don’t see what it is then either.

So without the scene where The Doctor “finds” Gallifrey, do you think I would waste that impactful scene where Capaldi smashes the console in a fit? No way, all good concepts and moments exist to be re-purposed at our leisure, so instead after the title sequence, the pounding replaces Clara’s emotional blackmail. The Doc had a soft spot for good ol’ P.E after all!



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