Doctor Who-The Moment Has Come (Day of the Doctor Fanedit)

It’s Easter. It’s the tenth anniversary of New Who. What’s on  this fine Saturday? THUNDERBIRDS…ok, not quite what I would have wanted, but yeah, this day is winding down and a window of oppertunity has firmly closed. No new anniversary ep, not even a minisode explaining Simm to Gomez, which would have sufficed given the importance of Missy in the premiere of next series.

It’s 50th to the rescue it seems

The Moment Has Come

I am very surprised “Day of the Doctor”  has yet to become the “Superman II” of Doctor Who edits, as when you get right down to it, there are a million ways you can work with this story. I’ve turned it into a 40-minute David Tennant perspective episode for this one, focusing entirely on the Zygon threat, complete with his title sequence, with no saving Gallifrey, and, for extra continuity points (and to fill up the last ten or so minutes) we nip over to the Ood sphere to set up the events of “The End of Time



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