Power Rangers Dino Charge-Powers From The Past

Thought I’d try my hand at the first episode of the latest season of Power Rangers, Dino Charge.  Some of the changes can be viewed in the videos below

I hold back Sledge’s first appearance until later in the episode, which meant cutting around any sequence of him, Poisandra, and Fury within their space craft. The great thing about this is was very easy to work with just the sequences where the ship is pursuing Keeper’s craft and gunning it down

I used the OST of the Dino Thunder video game for the opening sequence and forest montage, then smoothed over a transition with a lightning strike sound effect

Here, I’ve worked around the moments where Tyler pulls all sorts of things out of his bag before settling on a shovel. Here we cut straight to the shovel. Also removed is the commercial fade to black. Power Rangers is trademarked by Saban Capital Group, this edit does not infringe on their licenses.


(HD version will be uploaded soon)


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