The Simpsons-Naitch Neutrality

Disclaimer: The Simpsons are trademarked by FOX
Note Of Caution (please read)

This is based partially off of a real life incident that occurred between two friends at my school when I was a kid.
These friends have maintained a strong friendship for several decades since then and both gave me their blessing to write this story when I pitched it as one I’d love to tell with two characters I care very deeply about.
This MUST be considered by all readers of this a RARE instance of something working out between friends without anything too problematic arising from the subject matter brought up in the story.
I do not recommend people, of either the male or female gender attending school, read this and then assume it is a safe thing to practise in real life with people that think and act in a way that is altogether different socially and psychologically from the rest of them. Results can, and will, vary, and you or another may end up feeling embarrassed.
Very few, one might even say only one or two in a dozen rather than a hundred, will take it the way the two characters do here.
Thank you for your consideration and enjoy the story if you feel comfortable with it.



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