Supergirl-The Twenty-One Minute Trim



What would the Supergirl pilot resemble if it were aimed more at kids on a Saturday morning in a quick and serviceable half-and-a-sort hour? Find out with this take on the pilot episode

-Added Warner Bros Logo

-Episode begins with the rescue of the aircraft

-Inserted “My Secret Identity” parody intro to serve as title sequence

-Kara tells her friend her secret moved to this portion

-Kara’s origin now takes place after the Roz prison escapee contacts his superiors

-Kara and Cat’s conversation moved to just after the origin, trimmed significantly to remove James Olsen

-kara’s argument with her sister cut

-Kara’s first fight and defeat cut

-Kara and her sister’s pick-me-up  talk and Kara viewing the recording of her mother cut

-All references to analyzing the weapon and instructing Kara to use her heat-vision cut



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