Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie-Fanedit Sample

I’ve been dabbling in an edit of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers The Movie today. There’s already an edit project based on this from someone else, so out of respect for his own ideas I’ve not attempted to do the sort of things he’s doing with it like rejiggering the soundtrack. I’ve focused chiefly on the pacing and omitting the beginning and ending of the film, making it more about the Rangers and their mission rather than their personal lives.

Here’s a bit of the intro

Password: power


-Opening narration cut
-Skydiving scene cut
-Daylight discovery of Ivan’s chamber cut
-Ivan’s “the ooze is back” and neck-cranking cut
-Exchange between Zedd, Rita, and Ivan reduced

Doctor Who-Dark Water (New Version) Samples

Dark Water

Still on a Doctor Who kick. I thought I’d take another stab at some new ideas for Dark Water/Death In Heaven

Sort of anyway, since one of the ideas was borrowed from fellow DW faneditor Whoflix, check out his own Death In Heaven edit here

All credit to him for the bit where Clara and The Doctor arrive at 3W more immediately. I might also incorporate his idea of losing Clara’s gran too

Combining Dark Water and Death in Heaven into one episode is the easy option, but on each attempt I made at it I was never quite satisfied with it, so I decided to approach it from a different angle, and still treat it as a standard two-parter, modifying things slightly so as to minimize some of Danny Pink and Seb’s interaction and keep the focus on The Doctor and Clara as they arrive at 3W. The ending of part one is also slightly altered to incorporate an extra few minutes from “Death In Heaven” which helps build towards our new, and I feel more appropriate, cliffhanger given The Master’s whole scheme hinges on it as a plot point later.


Here’s the first sample, removing Clara’s emotional blackmail of The Doctor at the volcano and removing Danny’s first conversation with Seb

Password to view sample: water

Sample two with the new cliffhanger


Password to view sample: water

Sherlock Edits Approved On FE.ORG

Sherlock Edit


What’s This About? Basically to take the three episodes from the third season of the BBC Sherlock series and reimagine two of them

Episode One is The Little That Remains, a trim of “The Empty Hearse” (it’s named as such because it uses as little of the episode as possible, in addition to being a quote from the Holmes of the novels), removing such things as Sherlock’s explanation as to how he survived so there is some aura of mystery to his methods of survival and focuses principally on the case at hand rather than all the storyline details pertaining to the major arc of the series (except for one tiny detail that pays off in the third episode)

Episode Two is Adventure of Cam, it is the culmination of the principle storyline themes of the third series with a more swift and immediate Sherlock and John working out Mary’s case.

Running Time for each

1. The Little That Remains-49 minutes
2. The Adventure of CAM-1 hour, 8 minutes

Revised Cutlist

Removed Anderson’s “bungee cord” theory.
-Added a few minutes of “Many Happy Returns” mini-sode up until Anderson realizes Sherlock is returning. Titles follow.
-Reporters talking about Holmes being vindicated cut.
-John morning Sherlock and going on the tube cut
-John entering the apartment and explaining his upcoming engagement to Mrs. Hudson cut.
-Sherlock’s capture, torture, and meeting with Mycroft cut
-Sherlock being briefed by Mycroft on the terrorist attack cut. Sherlock making plans to surprise John cut
-John explaining his situation to Mrs. Hudson cut
-Sherlock and Molly solving several cases cut
-Jack The Ripper investigation cut
-Removed flash of light and fade out when John readies himself for the end
-Removed Sherlock explaining to Anderson how he survived and Anderson’s breakdown
-Sherlock meeting Molly’s rebound boyfriend cut
-John and Mary in bed cut
-Title sequence plays after Sherlock meets John in the drug den
-Molly slapping Sherlock after the piss test shortened to just the one slap
-Deleted Scene added after Sherlock is shot
-Sherlock’s struggle to stay alive within the mind palace after being shot significantly cut
-Sherlock and Janine at the hospital cut
-Sherlock and John confronting Mary in the abandoned housing urging her to use her gun cut
-Moriarty’s “Did you miss me” montage cut
-Closing credits song is “Thunder In Your Heart” from Stan Bush
In time I will be uploading the new versions to Vimeo.

CBR Preservation-Why It Was Removed

Online drama is no fun, and now that I’ve had a chance to think about it, and after a small chat with Dan Slott where he clarified a few things in a civil manner, I realize maybe it is time to give some things a rest.

So, Dan, if you’re reading this, I hope this suffices as a small token of my appreciation for how you were with me. I know we’ll probably not enjoy thanksgiving dinners, but I do hope we can stand firm on less patchier ground in future.

Some Incredible Thoughts

Watching this really reminded me that I need to buy that animated Incredible Hulk collection, though I’ve heard the UK company that distributed the animated Marvel library went into administration a while back so it may be fetching collectors prices right now.

And I want to find a way to tackle the late 80s TV Bixby/Ferigno reunion movies, mainly because in light of what the modern Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved. Perhaps I could repurpose “Trial of the Incredible Hulk” entirely so that we focus on Daredevil the entire time, only seeing Bixby and Ferigno when he does? Ditto for Thor too.

Thunderbirds Are Go!-To Chill A Mocking Bird




Disclaimer: Thunderbirds Are Go! Is trademarked by ITV Studios

Scott Tracey had been off training Alan and Kayo for most of the day, but in the time away he had heard via the news feeds of the near disastrous toxic waste spillage in the ocean averted by two of his brothers. He came back as soon as the mission was completed.

He was about to enter the lounge area when he was met outside by Virgil, who escorted him towards where the pool, normally Thunderbird 1’s exit port, was situated.

“Care to explain what we’re doing out here? The wind picking up on here is cooler than what greets us when we dive into that concoction” Scott said, pointing to the crystal and clear chlorine in the pool.

“Our resident jokester is having a little talk with Lady Penelope” Virgil explained.

Scott folded his arms, “I sure hope it’s not a captive audience”

“It may be from his perspective. Penny’s furious at him” said Virgil in response.

“What did he do?” said Scott, suspecting Virgil knew.

“Hobnobbing. Oh the nerve of you” came a venomous yet simultaneously harmonious voice from the lounge. Virgil and Scott were taken aback. They peered through the windows to find Gordon still talking to the holographic image of Lady Penelope.

Gordon often fancied himself a man of mirth, but all too often no one saw the funny side.

He struggled to pinpoint what the exact problem was.

Was it his timing?

Or was it this foolhardy and carefree belief that he could say just about anything to Penelope and she’d let him off on it?

Whatever the problem is, the solution was clear to him.

He had to apologize.

That is, if he could get a word in.

Penelope placed both hands firmly on her hips and raised an eyebrow while her lip remained contorted.

“Well?” she said, “Has all that time spent underwater drowned out your manners?”

“That…wasn’t very funny” Gordon replied.

“My sense of humour isn’t what’s on trial here” said Penny in a huff

“No, no, I didn’t mean your sense of humour, I was talking about mine” said Gordon.

“He never admits his jokes are bad. At least to my face” Virgil whispered to Scott in shock.

Gordon noticed the pair of them peering outside the window. Annoyed, he got up and walked over to a console. One swift button push later, the blinders came down, isolating him and Penelope from prying eyes.

Gordon looked at the hologram of the angsty aristocrat. Breathed deeply, and shrugged his shoulders.

“Nice to show how much you care Mr. Tracey” snapped Penelope.

“Oh I care Lady P; care is what got us out of that predicament with the toxic spill, just as your care and attention to the smaller details is what allowed us to learn about The Hood’s plot. Without you being on top of things, we’d have been swept under a different sort of tide.”

“Complimenting me isn’t going to make you any more a gentleman” said Penelope, “We did our jobs. This is a personal matter”

“And I meant nothing personal by my joke Penny, sometimes I like to make light out of a situation before it gets too dark. I may not be perfect at it, but it’s easier to break the ice than let us turn cold by it”

Penelope gave a beady-eyed look to her right, staring into the distance, closing her eyes briefly, then opening them again and turned back to Gordon.

“Perhaps I was just a little too North then” she said.

“Hey, I’d love to warm you up with a nice meal sometime. Got any dinner plans?” said Gordon, “I was thinking pork and beans”

“I tend to dine with Kings and Queens” said Penelope, taking the opportunity to slip out of her shoes.

“Hey, did I tell you about how Kayo once called me a dead ringer for Aquaman?” replied Gordon.

Penelope chose to curl up comfortably close to where Gordon was standing, placing her hands on her legs and resting her chin on the back end of them. Her eyes as memorizing as that of a cat staring curiously into the reflection of a diamond

“Do tell” she said, “I’ve never heard of him”

“Really? Not a comics whiz then? Ok, Alan’s usually the best qualified for this, and he did tell me a few things, so I should warn you, the story of the King of the Seven Seas might not necessarily take seven minutes”

“It’s a different sort of tide, I’m content to crash through as many waves as it can muster” Penelope replied.

Outside, Virgil and Scott pressed their ears close to the blinded window, and came away with a perplexed look on each of their faces.

“From bad comics to…bad comics. Weird how that works” Virgil uttered.

“Look on the bright side, it’ll be a while now before she chills this mocking bird” replied Scott.

Thunderbirds Are Go!-Elements of Astaire



Written by Zarius

Disclaimer: Thunderbirds are Go! Is trademarked and owned by ITV studios

Kayo made sure to check the information within that day’s individual log entries before resuming with her own.

She had missed out on a frantic day. A day which had seen plenty of T-birds toppled.

A day which had been seized, and salvaged, by the timely interventions of John, EOS, and Thunderbird 5.

Each log entry contained on the computer bore out the same kind of attitude. There had been massive tension, leveled off by major relief at the end that John had not been seriously hurt. He had almost been rendered void of the air in his lungs in his bid to use Thunderbird 5 as an orbital skyhook to bring the ever elevating air-ship under control before it drifted too far off the planetary grid and out of International Rescue’s reach.

Thunderbird 2 was in the shop having its systems re-routed and primed for use again. Gordon had to abort the rescue mission to save it after an electricity-charged power outage nearly knocked it out of the sky.

Gordon would tell her later that day he figured it was karma for Virgil not finding his jokes from earlier funny.

To Kayo’s surprise, everyone had been involved in a brief yet tempered argument earlier as the mission was underway, the result of bruised machines and bruised egos. John was the peacemaker, but only in his voluntary bid to bring the mission to his door, which had raised even greater concerns.

But he pulled through.

And everyone joined in a hearty laugh.

And then they poured all of what they kept to themselves in that warm and assuring unison in the logs, logs which Kayo had to follow up on with her own story.

Alan waltzed into the lounge, nursing a hot cup of coco, he noticed Kayo at the processor, and he walked over to her.

“How’d your day go K? Didn’t get a chance to ask you” Alan spoke.

“There’s trying to dance, and there’s dancing” replied Kayo cryptically.

“Is this a lateral thinking question?” Alan asked, Kayo was silent.

“Pretty sure this is the part where someone says I have a hard time processing anything literal than lateral” said Alan, looking around to seeing if anyone else was there.

“Oh don’t mind me Alan, I’m just thinking out loud. This little waltz with The Hood has been the bane of my weekend” she said, sighing.

Alan put the mug down and eased Kayo’s shoulders with his hands. Kayo appreciated the gesture and began typing down her thoughts.

“I thought I could figure out his most recent movements more by indulging in the Matvoski method” she continued.

“You mean that technique perfected by Southampton Universities back in 2015?” Alan replied.

“From what I gathered, they had found people’s gait, their specific walking patterns, are so unique to the single individual they could be used to identify them in places like Airports and other places with a lively hub of activity from people, over twenty-five subjects were placed in one multi-biometric tunnel using twelve synchronized cameras, twenty-five specific gaits were used to build 3-D images which were routinely measured”

“So did your lead pan out with this method?” Alan asked.

“It would have, if it weren’t for something Matvoski himself was cautioned against back in the day, and something The Hood has perfected” said Kayo, taking the time to drink out of Alan’s mug. He didn’t mind, he was far too engaged in her unspoken permission to continue his massages.

“Researchers found that ‘extreme changes in clothing affect recognition levels” she said, “And the Hood has always been a master of disguise. So many others have tried to be as similar, but he’s been doing this dance for so long now it’d be hard to match his fever”

“Wow, talk about a fashion statement” Alan joked.

“Now that? That was funny” Kayo said.

“You always found me a hoot” said Alan.

“Hey, you soar across star fields, you’ve always been quite the night owl” Kayo replied.

Alan beamed.

“Just the right sort of thing to say to lift my damp spirits” he said, “I felt like I was on top of things back there, then the next thing I know, I was adrift”

“Sometimes, I feel like I’m onto something clear cut, only something always cuts the cord, and I’m adrift” Kayo responded.

“Hey, what do you know? Synergy” said Alan

“Kind of magical” she said.

“You putting that in the log too?” asked Alan.

“Treat it like I would an over-romanticized diary? Leave that for little girls” Kayo said.

“Hey, never drift too far away from your youth big girl” advised Alan.

Kayo smiled, and leaned back in her chair, now completely overtaken by the sensations abundant in the massages.

“Alan? Forget the Matvoski method, this is a pattern I could get used to” she said, pure bliss overtaking her, “It goes back to what I said earlier…there’s trying to dance, and there’s dancing, The Hood may be good at what he does, but he still has to go over in his head ‘one two three, one two three’ to get into character, but you? You know who you are, you know who everyone is without having to hide behind any of us, with you, there are elements of Fred Astaire…and he’s just dancing