In The Forest of the Night

A new edit at long last. Part of my “Short Trips” DVD coming to

In The Forest of the Night

Known in some circles as “In The Forest of the Shite“, this is the environmentally friendly hipster episode of series eight of Doctor Who, where The Doctor, Clara and Danny put up with a bunch of blethering kids and try to find their way out of the Spice Girls “Viva Forever” music video. With 45 minutes of very little going on, this is an ideal candidate for another short-form Who edit.


Removed original pre-credits sequence with Maeb’s meeting Capaldi, also allows me to skip the TARDIS saying “you have reached your destination” since it never does that again past this episode
Skip most of Danny and his party waking up and the episode begins with them exploring the museum
Episode resumes after the titles with the worldwide news coverage of the forest growing and spreading across the planet
School Kids bickering about Clara and Danny’s relationship cut
-Maebe’s mother at home prior to setting off to look for her daughter cut
The Doctor’s twaddle about trees on Facebook cut
-Cut The Doctor interrogating the kids over Maebe’s disappearance, and Ruby saying “MAEB’S GOING TO DIE”
-Removed The Doctor telling Clara he can’t fight physics
-Cut the whole bit about Clara telling The Doctor to leave her, the children and Danny on Earth
-Cut “I am Doctor Idiot”
-Cut Missy’s cameo
-Cut Maebe’s sister showing up at the end



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