Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan-Happy Ending

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(password to view edit: angels)

This is a fanedit of the Doctor Who season seven episode “The Angels Take Manhattan”, all that’s been removed is the ending where Amy and Rory perish at the Angel’s touch, as well as the removal of Rory’s headstone and The Doctor stumbling on the chapter named “Amelia’s Last Farewell” and telling River out of frustration to change the future. Everything else is the same

3 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan-Happy Ending”

  1. I do like the episode with a happy ending, although if I may humbly suggest a couple more snips:

    First, we still have the Doctor tearing out the last page of the novel, saying that he “doesn’t like endings.” But now we don’t get the payoff for that, where he *must* face the ending, and read Amy’s final sweet words to him. Since the payoff is gone, we should probably lose the setup too.

    Second, we still hear the Doctor and River having the exchange about “They’re going to get awful tired hanging around here all day.” This is a reference to the notion that, since Amy and Rory have created a paradox, they’re quantum-locked into the graveyard and they can’t ever leave. They won’t die from lack of food, etc., but they can’t go out and “live” either.

    In the original episode, this problem is resolved when the Angel zaps them out of the graveyard, allowing them to live happy lives but with time anomalies so heavily surrounding *them* that the Doctor can never visit them. (That’s the one thing everyone gets wrong about the Doctor being unable to visit: It’s not New York or 1938, it’s the Ponds themselves.)

    But since you removed the Angel, and your ending seems to imply that they continue to adventure with the Doctor for a long time before retiring, that reference is no longer needed.

    Anyway, it’s overall an excellent edit (the cuts in the middle and end were not noticeable), and if you decide not to change anything more, that’s fine, too, but those are my suggested trims to make an already really good edit even better. 🙂


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