Classic Doctor Who Edits Update Log-Ressurection of the Daleks Sample


Today I’m going to be tinkering again with two Classic Doctor Who edits I’ve tackled in the past. Silver Nemesis and Resurrection of the Daleks.

The idea I had for Silver Nemesis was to see how much I could tell of the story with just three factions. The Doctor and Ace, the Cybermen, and the Nazis. No Lady Pentforte. It could prove tricky, but that’s half the fun of trying things out. Much of my ideas from the previous edit I did of Silver Nemesis (available on my blog) may be retained if I feel they work within the flow of the story.

Now, onto Resurrection of the Daleks. A story with so many good ideas, but it does’nt settle on any of them to give us a real plot. You could cut this down to one 40 minute or so episode and really lose nothing, because there’s barely anything there. I also worked out a way to have (almost) everybody live, and Tegan does’nt leave the TARDIS crew at the end. The soundtrack to the serial made joining up and transitioning scenes fairly easy.

(password to view edit: davros)

Here’s something from the workprint. Since uploading this, I’ve sort of went back and tinkered with it a bit more as I feel there is too abrupt a fade when the Supreme Dalek finishes his sentence, and I think I may hold a bit more on the TARDIS crew before heading into the credits, but this is the general gist of what the ending looks like


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