Doctor Who-Silver Nemesis Salvaged

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Syvelstor Silvercyberwarships

Hoo boy. This one again.
And it’s different.
Very different.
If you saw my last blog update, you’ll know I’ve been working on two classic Who stories, Silver Nemesis and Resurrection of the Daleks. I provided a sample of what I’ve been up to with Resurrection, but with this you’re getting a full story.
Seventeen minutes is what I was able to reduce this to. No Lady Pentforte and Richard (and, by association, the skinheads and the obnoxious American tourist), not much of The Doctor and Ace mucking about in Windsor, the Nazis exist only to ensure we get a decent massacre by the Cybermen (and yes, their leader and his right hand kind of do vanish afterwards, but just assume they are killed), and The Doctor and Ace get to the heart of the matter and arrange a final stand against the Cybermen right after Ace blows up their vessel (just assume The Doctor used a gravitational lift to move the Nemesis from its crater into the TARDIS and then into the warehouse).
I also greatly prefer the Nemesis to be of unknown origin. None of that living metal nonsense. It’s a harbinger of destruction, the Cybermen want to use it since they’re gung-ho about invading Earth as you do, and The Doctor’s out to trap them. You don’t need that bollocks about Penteforte forging the statue in her likeness and Ace being in transfixed awe about the statue.
The only thing more or less retained from my original edit of this was the decision to have the Cyber-Thugs attack The Doctor and Ace after the jazz session serve as the pre-credits
And how did the Cybermen know about Penteforte to begin with? Not explained.

-Cut the bow being taken out of the case by De Flores
-Cut The Doctor discovering the Bow isn’t in the case
-Cut the power blackout at Windsor
-Cut The Doctor and Ace waltzing around the castle and meeting Her Reptilian Majesty and her Corgis.
-Absolutely everything to do with Penteforte. No astrologer, no indifferent crowds in the café, no skin heads, no American tourist, no skirmish at her castle or her tomb with the arrow. The arrow is already with Nemesis, and all references to her by The Doctor, Ace, Cybermen, and Nemesis cut.
-Every scene with DeFlores and Karl after the attack by the Cybermen at the Nemesis crash site cut. No gold dust malarkey, no false betrayal, no thanking The Doctor for relieving them of the threat posed by the Cybermen.
-Cut The Doctor and Ace jamming the Cybermen’s signal with Jazz music
-Cut Nemesis awakening within her tomb and journeying back to the warehouse
-Cut The Doctor saying “Unfinished business” as he plays chess with Ace.
-Cut Richard playing them music at the end
-Cut Ace asking The Doctor who he is.

(password to view edit: nemesis)


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