The Simpsons-Renew Your LOLS

“That’s the thing about fans kids” Krusty said, addressing his audience “They think they’re entitled to everything, they know what they should GET, but sometimes they don’t necessarily think about what they NEED”

Very proud of this one. Doesn’t have many reviews besides ones from a good friend, but I don’t care.

For years I have wanted to see at least one future flung episode of The Simpsons where Bart is settled and has a nice family. No divorces, no deadbeat dad syndrome, none of that, and I’ve never really seen that happen…so I decided to make it happen, and there was no better candidate to be his wife than Laura Powers. Many real life couples have transcended the age barrier and this is no different. Also thrown in to pad the story out are my favourite pairing in the show…Lisa and Ralph. You continuity hounds  might get a kick out of the names of their kids also.

I also incorporated two of my poems published on this blog into the tale.

Hope you enjoy it.