Doctor Who-A Good Man Goes To War Fanedit Sample

Password: fanedit

Dabbling with The Doctor again. I was wondering if you could get away with “A Good Man Goes To War” without including River Song at all? This statred off as a hybrid cut of AGGTW and “Let’s Kill Hitler” (“A Good Man Goes to Kill Hitler“) but I think I have more fun doing short-form Who edits than double-length ones.

Managed to edit out the poem from River, minimized the gay fat/thin marines, trimmed back all the recruiting (if a fresh audience is going into this, then the bit where The Doctor picks up Dorium at the start is all you really need), and, most importantly, I don’t bring up Melody’s appearances in the Impossible Astronaut at all.

This last bit required working around one particular problem…and I am going to share the problem and solution in a comparison video


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