Doctor Who-The Magician’s Apprentice Samples

It’s almost Christmas, it’s almost the new year, and it’s always time for new editing projects. There’s no Doctor Who this weekend or the next you say? Oh poo, guess we’ll have to make time for it then.

I’ve been working feverishly on a new 1 hour and 12 minute cut of “The Magicians’ Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar”, removing many of the sillier moments from this overhyped instalment in the Doctor/Davros saga. This includes The Doctor hijacking Davros’ chair and sipping a random cup of tea. Also gone is most of the preposterous Clara/Dalek scenes where “I love you” translates to “Exterminate”.

In an even bigger change, The Doctor going back and rescuing Kid Davros? Gone completely, since the nonsense with Dalek Clara is almost completely excised, including the dumb plot point revolving around “mercy”, there’s no reason to have that ending at all, so instead we’re left with the impression The Doctor left Davros to fend for himself, and use our imagination to plug in the gaps. Vulnerable kid, alien tech, hand mines…start writing your fanfiction after viewing this edit

Ah, but we have a bit to go before we delve into that full edit. I’ll announce when the complete project will be up in due course, but for now enjoy the first of a few samples from the project, starting with the opening.

Changes made

-Doctor meeting Kid Davros moved from pre-credits to later in the episode, just after the Sisterhood asks The Doctor what he’s done

-Colony Sarf travelling to Dorium’s bar removed

-Sarf visiting the Shadow Proclamation moved to pre-credits

-“Breaking News” feature on the frozen planes cut

-Clara in the classroom and references to Jane Austen cut



Password to view edit sample: apprentice


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