Doctor Who-Hell Bent (No Diner) Edit

Well, here it is. My fanedit of Hell Bent. A finale I feel is let down by the overindulgent farewell to Clara. While I can’t do a top-to-bottom edit of this story the way I would like to, I can at least try to minimize the infodumping and overcooked elements represented by the diner and waitress Clara scenes. In this edit, we learn what the neuroblock is along with Clara as she and the Doctor go on this final journey together, rather than having The Doctor tell waitress Clara what it’s use is intended for. C’mon Mr. Moffat, we don’t need our hands held and everything explained to us, let the story lead and we will follow.

With no Clara and no Ashildr mucking about with their chameleon circuit at the end, a nice little voice-over from Capaldi , extracted from the final diner scene, gives us a much more poignant conclusion. One I’ve already shared on this blog in an earlier update, and which you can now appreciate in the full context of the episode

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