Attack on Attack of the Cybermen

attack of the cybermen

Time for a classic Doctor Who fanedit. Inspired by a view of the one by Whoflix, Attack on Attack of the Cybermen is a 44 minute trim of the two-parter starring Colin Baker. Several scenes have been moved up in the narrative and we cut through the “thrill of the chase” a lot quicker, also gone is the entirety of the Chameleon Circuit sub-plot…the TARDIS stays the same as it always was, which proved tricky at the climax. The Doctor’s stormy relationship with Lytton is also downplayed considerably. I decided to give Peri some selective amnesia and not bother to tell him he’d been working for the Cryons or that he was captured.  That way, we also neatly avoid The Doctor going on an all out shooting spree at the end also.


3 thoughts on “Attack on Attack of the Cybermen”

  1. Oh, I know. Whoflix is great. I think Genesis could be cut differently though. Same with Hartnell’s “The Ark” – just drop the Lost In Space theme that Whoflix did. I admire everything he does though and I don’t wish to diss him in any way.

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  2. i’ll think about it, the tricky thing is to try and do something that Whoflix hasn’t done, don’t want to feel like I’m ripping him off when I do classic Who edits since hes’ covered the ground so extensively and probably considered every option.


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