Battlestar Galactica (2004)-Pilot (Fanedit)

Snapshot 1 (14-03-2016 17-44)

Inspired by The Second Coming edit by my good friend and sometimes mentor Bionicbob over on, comes this 40-minute stab at the pilot of one of my all time favourite re imaginings of a tv show. The 2004-2009 version of Battlestar Galactica.

To get this down to a manageable tv episode length, a great deal of story had to be cut, while somehow keeping it all tangibly coherent. For the most part I think I succeeded. Gone is the Lee and Bill drama over Zack, gone is Starbuck’s complaints about the Vipers, gone entirely is Baltar’s relationship with Six  and his involvement in the destruction of the colonies, gone are the human Cylons (again, taking a leaf out of Bionic Bob’s book), and in the most unique element of the edit…and just so we can speed to the finish line…there is no military resistance to Laura Roslyn’s authority. Meaning once they’re done with the station, they leap past the red line off-screen, Adama gives his speech about Earth, and we’re done with the story. I chose to end the episode on a Lee and Bill scene…you never see what kind of problems they’re having, but you get the feeling a problem exists. Less is more.

The one glaring continuity glitch is that big ol’ head wound Adama has when we catch up to the Earth speech. If I had the technical know-how to digitally insert flesh over that, I would.

A higher-quality version will be available sometime this week. For the moment, you’ll have to enjoy the scalded down Vimeo version



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