Doctor Who-The End of Time (Fanedit)

Snapshot 1 (18-03-2016 18-13)

I don’t want to go…

Alright already.


Just stop whining.

Yes, this is an edit of “The End of Time” where Ten doesn’t regenerate. An edit where he doesn’t continuously rattle on about his death. In this edit, we treat this as just another one of the 2009 specials.

I took the time to watch most of Whoflix’s fanedit of the story for some creative pointers. I think starting on the Ood Sphere without any of the crap The Doctor rattles off when he arrives is a better option, very dark, atmospheric, takes you right into the urgency of the story. The titles kick in right after Naismith instructs his team to prepare the Immortality Gate…which comes in at about nine minutes.

Snapshot 3 (18-03-2016 18-14)

Right after the titles, we cut to Ten and Wilf talking in the cafe, skipping over Wilf’s whole search for him. The Doc’s little line about Wilf taking a couple of hours to find him I feel ought to suffice for the trouble he went to in the original version. After Ten tells Wilf something still connects them, we cut to Gallifrey and the High Council making preparations, then we cut to The Doctor and The Master’s late night confrontation, and before you know, Simm’s been carted off barely twenty minutes into the cut.

Removed for the most part is The Doctor’s mother’s multiple appearances, though I decided not to hold off her appearance when The Doctor is holding Rassilon and The Master at gunpoint…I do like that scene and feel it is very impactful…and probably more so if you don’t have any clue as to what her significance is. She’s someone who opposed Rassilon, The Doctor recognizes that, somehow, and makes his informed choice. No fuss required.

Snapshot 2 (18-03-2016 18-14)

Like in Whoflix’s edit, Donna’s role is minimal  and she does not get involved too much in the action. Outside of appearing with her mother when Ten and Wilf set out on their journey, she makes no other appearances, though I left in the idea she sorts of wandered off at the point Gallifrey arrives, but I don’t resolve it.I let Donna’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

The biggest frustrations I had with this is trying to edit around the head-shaking that occurs when The Master takes over every human…in the edit, I only bother using that when Rassilon uses his Macguffin Mitten to undo the damage. The music from Murray Gold proved very tricky to work around when shortening this sequence, and I still don’t think my solution worked quite as well, but I figured it was serviceable enough.

To avoid the whole interogation of The Doctor and Wilf at The Master’s hand (leading to the “worst rescue ever”), I simply had the Doc, Wilf, and the Vinvocci flee Earth via the teleporter right away off-screen, and The Master provides the necessary on-screen info-dumping when he tries to go after them.

Other little edits from this I’m quite proud of was using a voice-over from the scene where Wilf meets The Doctor’s mother and using it to bridge neatly into The Doctor and Wilf’s conversation up in orbit..and it was relatively easy to cut around Wilf talking about The Doctor’s death with The Master interrupting them just as Wilf says he was too cowardly to shoot the dastardly fiend.

For the final bit of the edit, The Doctor tells Wilf he’ll see him one last time, with Wilf asking him where he is going next…and in true Revelation of the Daleks style, we’re left wandering just where his next destination will be…

And the adventure continues…forever




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