Doctor Who-Asylum of the Daleks (fanedit)

Snapshot 1 (16-03-2016 22-13)

Asylum of the Daleks is a pretty fine story once you glance past some of it’s glaring flaws-chief among them the rather sordid and nasty portrayal of the Ponds. Teaching kids about separation and divorce was a brave choice by Moffat, but it does lead to a lot of needless melodrama in a story all about surviving an altogether different kind of hell, and diverts from the episode’s big hook…Daleks. Loads of them.

Also removed are the manner in which the Daleks assemble our intrepid trio…they are Daleks, they move in as mysterious ways as any time lord, let your imagination run wild as to how they got there…it’s sort of like how they opened Bad Wolf back in 2005 with The Doctor in the big brother house. Doctor and companions in trouble, no soap opera beforehand, or during, this adventure.

Oh and I shortened the ending slightly from Eleven hammering home “Doctor Who” to the audience and ends with “you’re never gonna stop asking”


Doctor Who-The Eleventh Hour

Snapshot 1 (16-03-2016 22-13)



A fanedit of The Eleventh Hour with a few minor additions and trims,  cheif among them being the end of “The End of Time” for the pre-credits, and the omission of the fish fingers and custard scene, Jeff’s dirty internet history, The Doctor changing clothes and confronting the Atraxi, and The Doctor and Amy’s conversation outside the TARDIS

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers-Ninja Quest (fanedit)


Ah Ninja Quest, I fondly remember hearing stories about this one from my brother when he got to see the UK premier of the story on SKY ahead of me. I thought he was winding me up. Rita has a brother? The Thunderzords falling apart? A different origin for the Ninja Powers than the one established by the movie? He’d been known to tell porkies before, so I sort of brushed it all off until I saw it for myself at Easter on GMTV.

That sight of the Thunderzords being destroyed has stayed with me all my life, it was one of the best cliffhangers in the show’s history, and the scene stays with you cheifly because of that impeccable and emotional outcry from Amy Jo Johnson as the Rangers powers fail them. It was effective and stirring.

The other parts are great too, but they don’t quite have the same gut punch or high stakes the first instalment had.

I also remember renting the video one time in the summer of 1996. The only time I was able to catch it, and I enjoyed many an afternoon watching it.

Going back to it for an edit, I realized how that it could be shortened from four parts to just two.

To acheive this, you simply  remove the ‘bulk’ of the Bulk and Skull junior police force recruitment storyline. Outside of one appearance at the beach from part one, we never see them again. I’ve seen a couple of great fanedits on that have managed to pack so much more action and stakes into their edits by removing Bulk and Skull from the narrative. Much as I love the lugheads, their prescense really stretches something out unnecessarily.

I was intially not going to bother leaving in Vampirus, and focus soley on Rito as the threat, but part two came out almost fifteen minutes shorter than the 30-minute or so part one. Even with the Vampirus elements added in again, it’s still about five minutes short.

But anyway, here you are, Ninja Quest as a two-parter. Hope you enjoy it.



Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers-Lord Zedd Strikes Back (Fanedit)

Today on I got a pleasant surprise…a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers edit from Yami Wheeler. The episode in question? One I’ve tackled before at least twice, The Ninja Encounter.

This effort on his part actually inspired me to tackle another Power Rangers episode in the same way, The Mutiny, which I’ve renamed “Lord Zedd Strikes Back” for reasons pertaining to story…I actually wound up removing the whole of the Zord Mutiny from it, it clocks in at a tidy 22 minutes, and I don’t think the story skips a beat at all.

Changes included

-Removing most of Zedd’s drawn-out introduction. Instead we open the episode with Zordon summoning the Rangers to the Command Centre and informing them he has arrived
-All Zord mutiny scenes
-Rangers receive Thunder Zords after vanquishing Super-Putties and being informed of Pirantishead. They hang about the Command Centre until Pirantishead begins to become a significant threat.
-All Billy and Trini scenes creating and utilizing the jammer removed
-Rangers further ground battles with Z-Putties and using the power laser on Pirantishead removed
-Removed the Rangers reactions to Rita in the space dumpster (also gone is Zordon singing “99 bottles”)


Doctor Who-Eleventh Hour Sample


Here’s a sample from some of my test edits with The Eleventh Hour
I decided to trim out The Doctor calling the Metraxi back to Earth. It was generally just an excuse to set up the costume change and a bit of fanservice.  In this edit, we cut from Amy unconscious in the hospital to waking up in her bed at night just as the TARDIS arrives, with The Doctor apologizing for running off (that’s all you really need to know to show some time has passed), I’ve also completely cut The Doctor sweet-talking Amy into coming on board. Here, she steps into the show immediatly
password: fanedit


Danger Mouse-Danger At C Level (Fanedit)

Time for some more fanediting fun.

You’ve seen plenty of fanfiction from me in the past several months about this show, some of you may be familiar with it, but for those who aren’t…well, consider this your “in”

Danger Mouse is one of those truly unique success stories…a British cartoon that’s just as legendary in the States as it is in the UK, courtesy of being aired in the infancy of Nickelodeon back in the 80s (it’s later spin-off, Count Duckula, would gain equal f not greater fame), and now with it’s 2015 revival, it aims to hit the spot with a whole new generation when it eventually makes it over to Netflix.

For the time being, it can be seen on early mornings on the CBBC channel, and the first few episodes have made it to DVD…which brings us to this short edit, as it comes shortly after my purchase of that DVD.

Not much has been altered for this episode of DM, I shaved off barely a minute after the title card and added in the opening act of the pilot episode as a pre-credits teaser. Problems

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I will continue to post edits here.