Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers-Lord Zedd Strikes Back (Fanedit)

Today on Rangerboard.com I got a pleasant surprise…a Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers edit from Yami Wheeler. The episode in question? One I’ve tackled before at least twice, The Ninja Encounter.

This effort on his part actually inspired me to tackle another Power Rangers episode in the same way, The Mutiny, which I’ve renamed “Lord Zedd Strikes Back” for reasons pertaining to story…I actually wound up removing the whole of the Zord Mutiny from it, it clocks in at a tidy 22 minutes, and I don’t think the story skips a beat at all.

Changes included

-Removing most of Zedd’s drawn-out introduction. Instead we open the episode with Zordon summoning the Rangers to the Command Centre and informing them he has arrived
-All Zord mutiny scenes
-Rangers receive Thunder Zords after vanquishing Super-Putties and being informed of Pirantishead. They hang about the Command Centre until Pirantishead begins to become a significant threat.
-All Billy and Trini scenes creating and utilizing the jammer removed
-Rangers further ground battles with Z-Putties and using the power laser on Pirantishead removed
-Removed the Rangers reactions to Rita in the space dumpster (also gone is Zordon singing “99 bottles”)



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