You Mustn’t Tell-(Original Story)

Note: This is intentionally written in the form of an “adult children’s story”


This is Sammy York.

But you mustn’t tell.

Sammy York is a secret.

Most of the world has never heard of her.

And yet they do know her.

Yes, she is known to the world.

But not as Sammy York.

Sammy York is a secret.

And you mustn’t tell.

Sammy York is a name behind another name.

A much more famous name.

The Daylight Saver.

That’s right, a superhero

A genuine, true and right superhero

And not one of those types that cling to the cloak of night.

Oh no.

Daylight Saver does exactly what it says on the tin.

She saves the day.

In broad daylight.

She wears a fancy red cape, a white t-shirt, and a mask

And behind that mask is Sammy York.

But you mustn’t tell!

For many years Sammy had dreamed of being a superhero

Ever since she was in school.

Every time the other kids played cops and robbers, she would play the role of neither.

She’d be a superhero.

She’s come swooping in on a soapbox racecar and save the day.

But this annoyed everyone.

It meant the robbers were overpowered and the cops couldn’t do their jobs.

Everybody disliked Sammy in school because of it.

Except three of the boys.

Roger, Ramsey, and Jet.

They always hung around with Sammy and enjoyed playing with her.

They even enjoyed playing with her dolls.

But you mustn’t  tell!

All three of the boys, Roger, Ramsey, and Jet, grew up and became exactly what they played in school.

They became cops.

And Sammy York became a superhero

But you mustn’t tell!

As Daylight Saver, she had captured many crooks with her trusty gadgets and expert martial art skills.

And the public loved her.

But the crooks and the cops didn’t.

Every time Roger, Ramsey and Jet arrived at the scene of the crime, the crime had already been prevented.

The crooks were all tied up in ribbons and left at the doors of the police station like an early Christmas present.

And all the public kept asking the trio was ‘what took you so long?’

The cops were very cross.

They were being made to look bad.

And then one day, something terrible almost happened.

While chasing some crooks on foot, the cops were intercepted by Daylight Saver

She grabbed the crook’s legs with both hands.

He fell to the ground with a mighty thud.

But…oh no, he had a gun in his hand.

A gun is a most terrible weapon indeed.

And it went off in his hand as he did so.

And it grazed a passer-by right in the shoulder.

The police and Daylight Saver were both horrified.

The civilian was a little boy.

Daylight Saver quickly took her leave.

The police took the blame from an angry mob.

Now everyone was angry.

Something had to be done.

The cops went to their chief and complained.

They pointed out that Daylight Saver was a vigilante, and vigilantism was against the law.

She was a civilian, not an active member of the police, and was thus answerable to the law.

The Chief listened to them and understood their plight.

He issued a warrant for Daylight Saver’s arrest.

The three cops put together a plan to catch Daylight Saver.

To stop her once and for all, they needed to unmask her.

And when she was unmasked, they would have to tell someone.

What did I tell you earlier in the story?

Say it with me


But they have to, or Daylight Saver will carry on being reckless, and the public would lose faith more and more in their local police.

Sometimes you have to tell the truth about someone for the greater good.

So they put their heads together, and came up with a plan of action.

The next day, Sammy York jumped out of bed.

She brushed her teeth.

She combed her hair

She had her breakfast.

She kissed a photograph of the boys she knew from school.

And then she set about putting on her costume.

She admired herself in the mirror.

“This will be a day worth saving” she said.

She leapt out of the window and jumped from rooftop to rooftop

She cut her journey short at one specific building which overlooked most of the city.

It was breathtaking.

She used to play on these rooftops with the boys all the time.

She almost jumped off the roof when she was little.

She wanted to feel as the birds did whenever they spread their wings.

But you mustn’t tell anyone about that either.

Jumping off high buildings is not for little girls, or boys.

Not unless you have had plenty of practise.

Now that she was all grown-up, she could jump off as many rooftops as she liked.

She knew her reflexes and ability to use a grappling hook would assure her a certain swing to safety.

She felt free.

She was alive.

Suddenly, so was everyone else.

Bustling activity in the city square.

Police cars surrounded the entire area.

Three men in ski masks flowed out of the local bank carrying bags of money

A  robbery was taking place.

She swung down to see if she could help.

As she landed, she felt like she was standing in something wet.

She looked down and found her feet were having difficulty budging from the spot.

She saw members of the public looking concerned, all of them were being kept at a distance.

She tried to move again, but could not.

She realized the ground beneath her feet had been laced with a special glue.

The robbers removed their masks to reveal Roger, Ramsey and Jet.

“You fell for our trap” they said.

Daylight was stunned.

“I’m on your side, cut me loose” she said.

“No, you operate outside the law, we cannot permit that any longer” said Roger.

“People could be hurt worse than that boy was the last time you ‘saved the day’” added Ramsey.

“So we have to take you in, and we must know your identity” concluded Jet.

“No, no, you mustn’t tell” said Daylight.

Roger reached out and tugged at the fabric of her mask.

Daylight smiled.

For she was well prepared.

She reached into her utility belt and produced a small capsule, she let it drop to the ground.

As it did so, It burst into a cloud of big, black smoke.

She grabbed both Roger and Ramsey’s heads as they approached her and smacked them together, knocking them out.

She slipped out of her boots and ran barefoot across the street.

Jet was very alert however, and gave chase through the smoke.

He chased her into an alleyway.

He made a grab for her legs with both hands.

Down she went with a loud thud.

The struggle was on as Jet made his move and reached for her mask with his right hand

The full weight of his legs pressed down on Daylight Saver’s back.

She only had one free arm, the other was pinned back by Jet’s left hand.

Jet slowly used his right hand to forcefully peel the mask off of her face.

When it came loose in his hand, his next order of business was to turn Daylight’s body over so she could formerly identify her

Daylight struggled, refusing to turn, she covered her eyes with her free hand.

Jet seized control of her arm and wrestled it away from her face.

He reeled back, in shock.

Sammy York, his friend from school, someone who was still his friend, was Daylight Saver.

Sammy’s eyes told a telling tale.

Her real name was no longer a secret.

She would soon be known to everyone.

Her career as a superhero would be over.

And she had only her inexperience and overconfidence to blame.

“Don’t cry Sammy” said Jet, “I will let you go”

“Why would you do that?” asked a confused Sammy.

“Because I’ve always loved you, and I know you would never intentionally hurt anyone” he said, stroking her face with the delicate touch of his fingers.

“This is not very becoming of a police officer” Sammy said, “If I were you, I’d throw the book at me”

“If you let me train you, you can be a great help to us, but you must keep to the shadows from now on and let us take the credit so the public can regain their trust in us” Jet replied.

Sammy smiled and nodded. She understood.

Jet handed her back her mask, “Here” he said, “I will say you made good your escape, we will meet each other later tonight and we’ll begin working together, But remember, this is our secret, YOU MUSTN’T TELL”

Sammy nodded again and gave her friend a big hug.

She did not know what to make of his feelings for her just yet, but she would see what their relationship going forward would bring.

Eventually it all worked out.

Daylight Saver became more experienced and less clumsy, she also operated in the evening as she could no longer be a trusted public figure.

Now she was the Night Shifter.

Jet was her mentor, her partner, and her confidant, and his training brought out the best in her.

He and his friends were able to restore the good name in the local police department.

And over a year later, Sammy York returned his feelings for her.

And once they began their relationship, they had to tell everyone.

So everyone could have a party at their wedding.

After the wedding, came the honeymoon.

And you know what happens on the first night of your honeymoon don’t you?

You do.