Red Dwarf-Back In The Red

So I poked a bit at Red Dwarf VIII today while watching fan edits of “Only The Good” and “Back In The Red” and decided to try and do something with the latter. I was successfully able to create a  30 minute stand alone story that begins with Starbug arriving home with a bang and ends with the ‘Dwarfers successfully escaping while Arnie’s sexual magnetism provides his comeuppance.

Here’s what I did

-Used the final few seconds of a PBS promo featuring Holly to serve as the Pre-credits
-Removed Lister and Rimmer’s conversation at the start. We open on Starbug arriving at Red Dwarf
-Some of the Starbug crew scenes trimmed
-Starbug going up the rat’s arse removed
-Hollister and Karen examining the Cat removed
-Lister and Rimmer’s conversation trimmed, scene ends when Rimmer says “Ok I’ll do it”
-Kryten and Kochanski’s conversation follows Rimmer’s luck with the sexual magnetism
-The crew’s trial, licking the envelopes, and all mention of psychotropic drugs removed
-Rimmer’s efforts to please Hollister cut, they’re explained away to Lister in their next conversation anyway
-The entirety of Kryten’s restoration to factory settings cut. We end his story when he forces the staff on the toiler at gunpoint
-Kochanski being affected by the sexual magnetism cut. Instead we leave the scene under the impression Lister regrets not using it rather than be slightly on edge because he did.
-Hollister’s comments at dinner about the drugs simulating an escape have been cut
-Credits come after the crew escape in Blue Midget.



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