Superman-Dawn of Justice

Superman Dawn of Justice



There’s been a lot of discussion over what the best course of action to take with this particular film. My idea, in addition to trying to get through it as quickly as possible, was to try and make it more about Clark and his journey, while finding time to give some breathing room for Bruce only when the plot requires him to be there to advance the duel.  Ideally, I wouldn’t have it in there at all, but it makes for a pretty short movie, if you can still call it a “movie”, it was almost “DeAssified” in length actually.
So far, my current draft clocks in at 1 hour, 49 minutes.
Here’s the cut-list so far
-Film opens with Clark speaking to his father in the Arctic
-Kryptonite discovery moved to after the hearings and before Lex’s introduction
-“Devils come from the sky” monolouge cut
-Media montage of Superman’s deeds cut
-Both of Bruce’s nightmares have been cut
-Outside of giving Bruce back the flash drive, Diana does not appear for the rest of the movie. Hers is just a guest role
-“Granny’s Peach tea” sequence cut
-“Marrthhhaaa” lines cut. Bruce now relents as he flashes back to his parents.
-Martha rescue cut entirely
-Superman’s death cut. Doomsday is defeated when nuked. Man of Steel footage is used to show Clark being replenished by the sun.
-Diana viewing the Metahumans repurposed to Bruce viewing the Metahumans in addition to Diana’s photograph
-Clark speaks to his mother and rescues flooded villagers at the end.



2 thoughts on “Superman-Dawn of Justice”

  1. Thanks for your interest and the encouraging words, I was worried the JL teasers may have been a bit repetitious but if you liked it, then they did their job. I get that you love the original ending, I was just trying to set mine apart a bit more from the rest. There will be a second draft once I fix some problems with my computer


  2. I love what you did with the Justice League teasers! 😀
    I think Bruce and Alfred needed a little more set up. Bruce needed a few more scenes.
    Maybe you could replace the Knightmare with a Black Zero flashback/dream for the second draft?
    The climax was a little anticlimactic though, in my opinion. Sorry, I’m just one of those guys who really enjoyed the final fight in this movie.
    Maybe, in draft 2, you can add the rest of the “must there be a Superman” sequence at the end, and end it with one of the guys saying “… maybe he’s just a guy trying to do the right thing.”
    Most of the editing was seamless enough, in my opinion, so Good Job!
    GOD Bless, keep up the Good Work, and Keep Moving Forward! 😀 Amen! 😀


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