FanScript Samples#1-Inspector Gadget

For the time being, I’m going to be focusing strictly on writing fan script treatments for movies I felt could have been improved upon. The first I aim to tackle is 1999’s INSPECTOR GADGET. I intend to use as many elements of the original movie as possible, but will also be utilising aspects of the 1980s animated series.


Here’s a sample of how my movie starts

The full script will be available to download from this blog in the future. Samples of this will continue to be uploaded as we progress.



(It is a clear crisp evening, we begin with the sight of a PALE MOON and PAN DOWN to a LEAN, TALL  SECURITY GUARD. He is twirling a night stick and humming a merry tune to himself (“I’ll Be Your Everything” by Youngtown)

Close to his right side is a BOOTH,  within which is a MUCH OLDER WOMAN (late 50s), talking over the phone. She becomes slightly irritated by the male’s singing)


JOHN, pipe it down will you? I can’t hear the supervisor.

(The man, John, turns and walks over to the booth)


Don’t you mean, ‘I can’t hear myself THINK?’


Oh real funny you sexist pig. No man tells me what to think


With the fee they currently pay you, are you quite sure about that?

(the woman resumes listening to the unheard voice on the phone. She nods as she understands something, then hangs up. She gives John an icy glare)


You think you’re real funny don’t you?


This job’s made you far too uptight, it’s my civic duty to loosen you up


That’s my  problem with you John, you’re always on duty.

(John resumes his whistling, the woman just shakes her head)