WWE The PPV Soundtrack 2006


Second of my WWE PPV soundtrack albums is now available

A year where fan apathy for John Cena steadily grew, HHH finally turned babyface and reformed D-X with Shawn Micheals, feuding with the likes of the Mcmahons and a bunch of male cheerleaders (only one of whom remains currently employed…though that might change this coming Sunday), and ECW rose from the ashes only to come out the other end of WWE’s arse as a much shittier parody of itself. Still, you can’t go quite wrong with the  riveting Hammersmith Ballroom reactions to John Cena and Batista main events.

Rey Mysterio also got on the map with his World title win…only to be at times literally trodden underfoot by the likes of The Great Khali. He ultimately lost the belt to a much more over act in King Booker, who’s real life feud with Batista played out a couple of times on tv.


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