Doctor Who-Day of the Moon Sample


Snapshot 1 (16-03-2016 22-13)

Well, it’s been a while since I posted a sample of anything, but I think this fits the bill

For fun, I’ve been trying to put together a more coherant, 33-minute trim of the second half of Doctor Who’s sixth series premiere, “Day of the Moon”, just to see if that ridiculous chase Canton embarks on for the first five or so minutes could be removed without mucking up the plot too much. I even framed the title sequence to begin as soon as the “previously ends” with Amy freaking out over shooting Melody

password to view:doctor

This shall not be the last fanedit you see from me before the year’s out. Besides the full version of this, I also intend to post my edit of The God Complex

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who-Day of the Moon Sample”

  1. Hey, Zarius! It’s TomH1138 from the Fan Edit forums. It’s been a while — I hope you’re well!

    I agree that the beginning of this episode made no sense, and seemed to be in no way related to what came at the end of the previous episode. Cutting out the whole bit where Canton is chasing them for no apparent reason is a great idea.

    However, it’s unclear what happened to the little girl in the astronaut suit immediately after Amy shot her. (Mind you, it’s unclear in the actual episode itself.) If Amy shot a little girl and mortally wounded her, why didn’t they rush her to the hospital? Why did they all apparently just walk away from that? (Again, this is a problem with the episode itself that I hope editing can fix.)

    I know you’ve already got a completed version of this episode, but if you ever decide to tinker with it some more, my suggestion would be:

    Immediately after the “Previously,” show Melody wandering out into the street and regenerating. While it doesn’t really solve anything, it could imply that somehow she ran away in fright, and everyone else was just so shell-shocked that they didn’t stop her.

    Incidentally, did you edit any of “The Impossible Astronaut” too? If so, I would cut the bit where River and Rory walk into a cave with a makeshift TARDIS, get surrounded by the Silence…and then nothing happens. We never find out more about the TARDIS console, nor do we learn how River and Rory safely get away from the Silence.

    Keep the bit where River tells Rory that one day the Doctor will look at her and not know her, and “it’ll be the death of me.” That’s a lovely, haunting bit, and it happens just before they enter the cave. Then it can be implied that they were still looking around, investigating, not having gotten anywhere in particular when Amy’s screams brought them running.

    Of course, this is your edit, not mine, so feel free to disregard any suggestions I throw out. I’m just yakkin’ about fan editing on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 🙂

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Thanks so much for your interest and encouraging thoughts.

      YES, that is a FANTASTIC idea to have Melody walk through the streets after being shot, it makes total sense, and is a bit of a dark idea to have had her regeneration to Mels caused by her own mother. Very inspired, I might just go back to this edit and make adjustments, I’ll bring this up in my ideas thread and credit you appropriately.

      I’ll be back to making new Doctor Who edits soon, just waiting for series ten DVDs to come out before starting proper.

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