Doctor Who-Return of Doctor Mysterio [Fanedit]

It’s been a while, but he’s back, and it’s “about time” for a new DW fanedit. This time I thought I’d tackle the most recent episode, the 2016 Christmas special. A lot had been cut out of my original edit of this, as I thought leaving  out much of how Grant acquired his powers would be better for the imagination, so all you get is the gist of it: He swallowed an alien gemstone, he met The Doctor when he was young, and that’s basically it.

But then I came up with a much better idea. This time we keep the high school flashbacl..indeed it’s now our first scene, we just lose the erection joke, and cut to Grant and the Doctor talking things over at Lucy’s apartment before Grant heads off into action as The Ghost…and there’s your titles!

The concept here is that The Doctor is here on business investigating Harmony Shoal and decided to drop in on his old friend Grant at the same time. He still asks Lucy who she is in the scene at Harmony Shoal but the impression I’m trying to convey is that this is just a formality. Right after Grant drops her off home, the Doc immediately returns there and talks to her.


password: mysterio

Also removed completely is everything and anything to do with Mr. Huffle

Good luck Pearl Mackie, so long Steven, and to you Peter…be happy!