Doctor Who-The Impossible Astronaut [Fanedit]

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Special thanks to fellow Faneditor contributor TomH1138 for inspiring me to get off my toochie and finish the job I started with the trim of Day of the Moon I put together…this time I’ve decided to merge both parts of the opener of series six together to form a more coherent experience

What’s different? For starters, the pre-title sequence is now the minisode for the opener that came out online before the episode aired, which is a lot more serious and a great hook for the relevant plot points of the story. Why we didn’t get this I don’t know, Moffat thought it was better to have The Doc waltz in on Laurel and Hardy as well as up someone’s skirt. Family show folks.

Next, we skip Doc and River comparing notes in their diaries and head straight to Lake Silencio where The Doctor ”accepts” his ”fate” at the hands of the Astronaut. Following a fairly unedited and smooth trip to the White House, our next big edit comes when The Doctor is confronted by Canton and Nixon. We skip over the cerfuffle that ensues with The Doctor pinned down by security, as I find The Doctor seated in the White House commanding all of the attention seconds after detection much more in-keeping with the character.

Also gone is Amy’s first encounter with The Silence, and with the removal of the Silence killing the obnoxious White House intern. Again, less is more, and what you don’t see leads to a better pay-off with the info-dumping later on.

And then comes the part that  TomH1138  suggested…although he meant it as something to occur in a Day of the Moon-only context, I thought it would be much better if the now THREE Month time skip after Amy shot her own daughter opened with Melody regenerating in the street…adds a whole new and chilling layer to the mother/daughter dynamic. Stuff like that rubs off on an engineered psychopath out to kill good men in their youth you know.

Canton  no longer pretends to chase Doc and company at all ,we get our info dumping, and in a cut I’m particularly proud of, I get Rory to talk about the Silence editing themselves out of conscious memory right after River reminds Canton they met them at the warehouse.

A few light trims here and there omits Amy encountering Melody again later and her capture at the orphanage comes much quicker. Couldn’t entirely omit the Astronaut suit being found at her location, but it still works.

From there, the last edit is a simple cut-off after Doc and River have their first/last kiss.

Edit should be dropping later tonight


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who-The Impossible Astronaut [Fanedit]”

  1. As I mentioned in the PM over at, it’s very exciting to see that comments that I made have led to a new edit! And it’s a terrific one at that.

    You know, it’s funny. I forget that Amy’s actions *aren’t* the reason that Melody had to regenerate in the first place. The whole thing is so muddy and unclear in the original story. But, yes, I think it makes some nice dramatic undertones to River’s tale!

    Did the original footage have the “3 months later” title over the Melody regeneration scene, or did you add it? If that was you, it was pretty seamless. It didn’t even occur to me until later that it may not have been part of the show from the get-go.

    You know, I thought that after a bunch of cuts, this story would make perfect sense, but even as it is, it’s still pretty incomprehensible. I say that as a Moffat apologist who can explain almost all of his other stories except this one. It just makes no sense why the Silence would kidnap a girl from the 51st century to put her in a space suit in the 1960’s to have her assassinate the Doctor against her will in 2011. Wouldn’t it be easier to take someone from 2011 and convince them to assassinate the Doctor? Why not just give them a scuba suit rather than an antiquated space suit?

    Nonetheless, you made as good of a tale out of this as anyone could have, trimming anything unnecessary and keeping all the essential bits, making things flow as well as they possibly could.

    If I ever took a crack at this, I might actually see if I could separate the two halves of these episodes into completely separate storylines. One episode would be all about Nixon receiving weird phone calls, and the Doctor capturing the Silence on film so that people would kill them on sight. Then there’s the story of the Doctor getting assassinated by River on a beach, and escaping the assassination by hiding inside a Teselecta. (The whole alternate-history bit, as fun as that is, may not even be necessary to tell the story of River and the Doctor.)

    But then the stories may not be inseparable at this point. Cutting out the assassination storyline gives Amy no reason to shoot the astronaut. And the little girl’s phone call is what brings the Doctor to the 1960’s, so she can’t just vanish from the rest of the story.

    One more thought (jumping back to the beginning of this edit, in a timey-wimey fashion): While I like the Doctor clowning around with Laurel and Hardy, I’m with you when it comes to deleting the randy Doctor cuckolding Charles II. The video prequel was excellent and effective, and you proved that it makes for a more sensible start to the episode.

    Keep up the great work!

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  2. Sorry, I forgot to finish my thought in that one paragraph:

    “…And the little girl’s phone call is what brings the Doctor to the 1960’s, so she can’t just vanish from the rest of the story. So it may not be possible, but I may still try to see if I can make it make sense at some point.”


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