Knight Rider-KITT VS KARR (Junkyard Edition)


Taking another shadowy flight into the realm of criminals who operate above the law and the men who stop them amidst not existing.

Knight Rider saw it’s sturdy supercar KITT destroyed on rare occasions…usually in feature length episodes. There was one exception however, “Junkayrd Dog”, a 45-minute gem from the third season that was KR’s way of dealing with environmental issues and putting an end to pesky fat cat pollutants.  KITT’s destruction and subsequent rebuilding is fantastic mythology building, introducing us to his original development team, as well as giving us some tense moments between Micheal and Bonnie as they clash over what’s best for KITT’s condition.

Seeing this episode got me thinking…what would it have been like if this were a longer story? Hard to stretch it out beyond it’s conventional length without having to fall back on another episode entirely…and there was only one other story that fit the bill from the same season: KITT VS KARR

Think about it, it alligns so perfectly. When one car falls, another rises. Both have their own fair set of problems, each have their own supporting cast, one set acts selflessly, one acts selfishly, the parallels are so poetic.

It was so easy to mix and mash some of these episode’s scenes, ultimately setting everything up for their respective third acts. Here’s a little timeline of how I managed it before you can see for yourself:

– Edit starts with footage of “Junkyard Dog”, and the road being paved with pollution. Episode title, writer and directors credits cut. Likewise for when we get to the “KITT vs KARR” portion of the edit
– “Junkyard Dog” footage continues until KITT is destroyed
– “KITT VS KARR” footage resume with KARR being towed out of the beach (I like to think hauling him out took at least a day)
– Junkyard Dog” footage resume up until Micheal asks Bonnie how long it’ll take to repair KITT
– Another portion of “KITT vs KARR” takes over here, with KARR persuading his driver to consider his options
– “Junkyard Dog” resumes and work begins on restoring KITT
– Back to “KITT vs KARR”, KARR learns about Eddie’s pacemaker, then-
– back to “Junkyard Dog”
– back to “KITT VS Karr” after Eddie is administered to hospital
– back to “Junkyard Dog” for more or less the remainder of it’s duration
– “KITT Vs KARR” resumes with KITT coming out of the tunnel, several scenes rearranged due to other scenes being used earlier in the edit
– Epilogue of “Junkyard Dog” used.



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