Thunderbirds Are Go-Dry Humor (fanfic)





(Contains Spoilers for “Power Play”)

Alan ‘s mind was racing as Thunderbird Shadow carted him back to base, having been picked up from a most perilous posistion by Kayo, ever keen to remind him that he now owed her for the lift.

“How is she going to call in my debt?” he asked himself.

“She knows I don’t like going for physical check-ups soon after a skirmish, she often relishes catching me trying to avoid one, what if she decides to tell me outright to go for one?”

Then his mind turned to a more mundane task. Shopping.

“Oh yeah, shopping” he thought, “She’ll want someone not just to carry her bags, but also probably pay for everything she happens to load up into them”

His mind, and gaze, switched to the heavens as Shadow flew through them, looking beyond the clouds and towards the stars.

“Maybe she wants to chase a comet or two with me in T3?”

He did’nt quite know why he thought of that last one, it was possible the sensations in his heart was starting to override the senses in his head.

When Thunderbird Shadow returned to Tracy Island, Kayo made her intentions clear.

“You’re going to learn how to handle the machine” she said.

Alan gulped.

“Please, don’t force it on me, I’m not prepared” he said.

“When will you ever be? Everyone’s worked it out at this stage, I know you told Grandma on several instances to teach you, but you owe it to me now after today’s mission, it’s either this, or I get you to take an immediate check-up” she replied.

Alan sighed.

“Ok, ok, I’ll learn to work the tumble dryer for you” he said, and sulkingly advanced towards the contraption in question, a coy looking Grandma standing by with a freashly soaked heap of clothes.

“Water here, water there, so much water everywhere” Alan remarked.

“And typically you’re just as salty as the the oceon water out there” Kayo asked, pointing through the window to the crystal clear waves that came in and out across the beach.

“You need to work on your dry humor just a bit” said Alan.

“Get to work kid” Grandma instructed.

Alan grumbled as he folded the wet clothes into the dryer, wishing everything from a shopping spree to a physical had come about after all.