Thunderbirds Are Go-Formidable Song (fanfic)





(contains spoilers for “Power Play”)

Scott Tracy admired the fire that could be found in a woman.

He had the ear for poetry whenever one stepped into the literal line of fire.

He could construct formiddable songs of strength, of hope, and of impeccable instincts.

They are mothers, they are teachers.

In this instance they are soldiers.

And they are life savers.

Here he was, knee deep in trouble, trying to evacuate two engineers as The Mechaniuc lay claim on turbines that were behaving most erracticly. His unquenching appetite for raw power threating to tear the dam encirling them and a nearby village apart.

But one brave member of the GDF’s back-up, a Captain Foster, stepped up to the plate, taking an assertive stance against The Mechanic, and daring to even match him in a physical sense.

Scott was eager to see the outcome of that, his admiration for the power of the sisterhood urging him not to dare intervene.

And then the formiddable fire ignited, and the skin flickered and came away, revealing the true horrors of the inferno.

A warriess that fell from heaven turned out to be a warrior forged in hell.

Foster was The Hood.

A man.

No, less than a man, a cowering snake, who had hid behind a woman’s features to slither into Eden to make trouble for one man in particular.

Scott’s thoughts turned bleak as he thought of what had become of the real Captain Foster

Did she put up a struggle? Was she a formiddable song in the end?

Would anyone know?