Thunderbirds Are Go-This Shadow Casts A Light




(contains spoilers for “The Man From TB5”)

John looked out at the shining starscape surrounding him and the Earth. This was all the company he needed, not the beaming and bustling crowds that were making him the talk of the town down on home soil.

“So Kayo managed to cut off The Hood’s ill-gotten fund-raising, and she was able to despatch a dozen or so of his wing-men. She really did make up for lost time did’nt she?” said EOS.

“Yeah, being grounded for so long must have really made her wings restless” replied John.

“I hope you’re still not too cross with how I managed life with your brothers” replied EOS.

“No, I get how used you are to just my company, and you came through for them when it became clear fun and games had to be shelved. Everything’s proper when you rise to the occasion”

“So what are your goals now? You’ve become quite a sensation down on Earth” EOS replied.

“I’m not one for the international man of mystery route, besides you know how hot I was in that tuxedo?”

“Hot in the ‘oh my ovaries’ sense, or hot as in boiling?” EOS joked.

“Oh cut it out, you know how I meant. Brains is lucky I did’nt rip it either, I do feel like I’ve put on some pounds”

“Maybe you’re thinking too much about the altitude you were exposed to when climbing up that cable” EOS replied.

“That’s one way of looking at it” said John

“Or maybe you take all those cameras being trained on you at face value” EOS continued.

“Ok, don’t push it” John advised.

“Anonymity is one thing John, but you really could do with loosening up. Just imagine being the life and soul at these social functions. You’ve earned every bit of that attention”

“My zone of comfort is all I care about, I’m no party man EOS, I’m a lifeline, I keep my brothers aware of the hearts that are still beating, that way they know which souls to save.”

“That was quite moving John, the socialites of the world are unlucky to lose you to the shadows”

John gazed at the Earth and blew it a kiss.

“On the other hand, they’re lucky this shadow still gets to cast such a large light on them”