Thunderbirds Are Go-Through Another’s Eyes (fanfic)





(contains spoilers for “Attack of the Reptiles”)

Alan entered the lounge with a sense that something had triggered his brother Gordon. He had been cautioned by his other brother Scott not to disturb the contents of a package that had been delivered to him.

As Alan settled into the circular seating area to the right of Gordon, he could feel something had wound his brother into a bit of a tense knot.

“So what did you want to tell me?” he asked, jumping at the chance to assert control so he could take all the credit for snapping Gordon out of his funk.

“Big rapids. Big reptiles. Big news” Gordon replied as tensely as he could.

“In that order?” Alan asked

“Reverse Order” Gordon replied.

“Ok, news first then” Alan said, urging Gordon to return, but Gordon’s eyes remained fixated on the package.

Scott barged in, shaking his head.

“You still wound up about this? You could just ask for the box to be removed” Scott replied.

“No, no, I can’t be resentful of Buddy and Eli’s good intentions. I’ll compose myself in due course Scott, thanks” said Gordon, a slight sweat gland forming on his forehead.

“Does his big news have to do with whatever’s in that crate?” asked Alan.

“Just keep talking to him Alan, eventually he’ll take you into the unknown” Scott said, before smacking himself on the head for conjuring up a bad pun that served as a tip off to what Gordon wanted to tell Alan.

Into the Unknown? Our favorite reality show?” Alan inquired excitedly, “What about it? Is this the big news?”

“Yeah, kind of is, it’s coming back for a fifteenth series” said Gordon.

Alan leapt up and down the sofa with enthusiatic glee, he punched the air multiple times, he felt almost like he could box with God.

“The heavens are fighting in my corner tonight” he said.

“Yeah, yeah, calm down, if it weren’t for me, it would’nt be possible” Gordon replied.

“Scott briefed me that you had a chance to interact with our favorite pair of intrepid explorers, but what’s spooked you out so much?”

“Just coming across those humungous repitles in those marshlands, and then receiving some as pets, just look and see”

Alan walked over to the crate and peered inside.

“Wow, they wanted to give you a piece of the action you left behind. They’re so cute too” Alan replied.

“Experiancing what they’re capable of in more negative extremes would make you form a second opinion” said Gordon.

“Oh come on, they look so dapper, besides, it hasn’t put you off watching Into the Unknown has it?”

Gordon rubbed his right shoulder, trying to unnerve himself. He managed a faint smile, “No, no if anything knowing how happy it’s renewal made you gives me all the reason to get over my own hang-ups”

“That’s the beauty of brotherhood Gordon” Alan said, putting his arm over Gordon’s shoulder, “Put aside your own experiences and learn to appreciate all over again through another’s eyes”