Thunderbirds Are Go-In Purest Motion (fanfic)





(Contains Spoilers For “The Man From TB5”)

He was in her hands. If only for a moment.

She had within her power, the means to despatch her opponent.

He had lost his fortune, ill gained that it was

His wingmen easily defeated, they…


“Ah shoot” said Gordon as he tore up another piece of paper, his fourteenth in a row, and took another sheet out and attached it to the typewriter.

Suddenly, the photo on his desk began to glow radiantly, Lady Penelope was calling. Gordon patched her through.

“Gordon, hello, I was wondering if I could talk to Scott?” she said.

“Yeah, finding time to talk to everyone but me lately aren’t you?” Gordon said, huffing loudly.

“Well I can see you’re busy” Lady P noted, observing the wastepaper basket, itself vitually empty, various crumpled pieces of paper encircling it. The tell-tale signs of someone trying to net a hole in one and being not at all succesful in the endeavour.

“Sorry Penny, I’ve just been trying to come up with a decent climax to a mission log…Alan and I came up with a really unique idea” Gordon replied.

Penelope was intrigued.

“I love unique challenges, come on, spit it out”

“Well, Alan thought Kayo was a bit down after The Hood slipped out of her grasp today, so he wanted to cheer her up by treating the mission log of today’s incident like it was legit poetry, we’d each take turns writing the log”

“So what was Alan’s contribution ?” Penelope asked.

“He hasn’t written his portion yet” Gordon answered, “He’s gone up to visit John to maybe get some ideas from talking to him about his exploits. Kayo really wants to know how he fared the most. Alan’s charged me with writing the piece on how she coped”

“You’d think Alan would want to write that part of the log himself”

“To be fair, neither of us ought to write it, we were stuck on Thunderbird 5 throughout that mission with that irritant EOS…it’d be best left in someone else’s hands, someone with an actual experience of the whole thing”

“Show me what you have so far” Penelope requested.

“Alright, patching it through to your computers now” Gordon replied.

Penelope put on a pair of reading glasses and looked over the poem, right through to the parts Gordon was having difficulty with.

“I have to say Gordon, you really do have a knack for this. I hope you don’t mind if I give you a little nudge” she said.

“Sure, you were there on the ground floor” Gordon replied.

Penelope quickly thought of a means of finishing the poem.

“He had lost his fortune, ill gained that it was

His wingmen easily defeated, left deflated by their cause

The Hood slipped from Kayo’s fingers

He threw her off his scent

But she’d prevented his acquisition

You’d think her heaven sent

And those that had been salvaged

Felt glad to be alive

They owed a debt of gratitude

To the man from TB5″

Gordon rose to his feet and applauded her for the effort.

“That was precision Penelope” he said.

Penelope chuckled.

“You’re too kind Gordon, but I really must get through to Scott”

“You’re not thinknig of borrowing him for your next social are you?” asked Gordon.

“No, I was wondering if he’d do me a favor and allow you to borrow Thunderbird 1 at my request, like you wanted to. I would’nt mind being taken for a recreational whirl with a date more to my liking”

Elated by the message he could deliver, Gordon sat back down and spun his chair around in an excitable cycle. Penelope shook her head in amused embarrasment.

“She’s got the rhyme and I’ve got the rhythm” Gordon said to himself as Penelope cut off the video link, “Poetry in purest motion”