Doctor Who-Invisible Touch [Screenplay]


This is a script I was commissioner to write by someone on FF.Net for his own Doctor Who fanfilm series. I’ve yet to hear back from this person and don’t even know if he filmed the episodes, so for now I’ve decided to put up the script so you at least know where it came from if you see it on Youtube eventually. Feel free to adapt it for your own fanfilm if need be.



[THE DOCTOR and his companion JESS SMITH are standing outside a building, keeping their gaze transfixed on the sky. The Doctor turns to his companion]

Is this how it starts?

What do you mean?

The day. It’s so regular. Usually by this time of the morning I’m off dozing the flames off of burnt stars, or clearing the throat of a singing cloud. Everything is normally an event…but this…

Not every day is one step out of the ordinary Doctor
I suppose not, but it must bore you

Well that’s why I’ve got you around don’t I?

And what if you didn’t have me?

I’ve thought about that in advance

Oh have you now?

I was thinking of maybe becoming an investigator when I’m older

Paranormal investigation I hope.

I think I’ll settle for the basic cases. I’d like to keep the life we have together exclusive to this portion of my life

[The Doctor hears a beeping sound, he takes out what appears to be a small device]

Ah, good timing

What’s going on?

Old friend of mine wants me to check in on something for them, come along, and do me a favour when we get there

What’s that?

Don’t look down

[The pair head towards the park]


What are we doing here then?

This is the center of a great web me and my friend set up decades ago

And what’s contained in the web?

Souls. And they’re not trapped, they’re lying in wait

Lying in wait for what?

The twin flames of Imax Five, one of the most hospitable races in the universe. They can carry up to two souls per body, the original being the one that brings balance to the ones they adopt.

So these souls waiting to be adopted…they come from Earth? Is this web where we go when we die?

Not exactly, this web preserves all the souls of humanity that were taken as a result of forces engaged in temporal incursions…souls that were never meant to die so early on in their lifetimes.

[Jess looks upset]

Anything the matter?

Just thinking about life back home. All the upheaval…I suppose you’re going to tell me all of that is meant to be too?

[The Doctor reacts to a small rumbling noise emitting all around them]

Jessica, remember what I told you

[Jess tilts her head up]
Yeah, yeah, don’t look down, but I can’t help feeling down you know?

No, no, you must resist this train of thought

Why not? I don’t want anything triggering a rejection of the Good Friday accords, imagine if my country was seen as an international threat again…

Jess, I don’t like giving orders, but you’re really pushing me right now
[There is a loud thunderous crash, similar to that of a lightning strike]

Jess, please
[Jess turns her back to him, rubbing her eyes gently, then stiffens like a rock before turning back around, her eyes glazed over, trance-like]

Jess is not here right now

To whom am I speaking?

You may address me as Rena Maxwell

I warned her not to look down…as in feel down, I should have been specific about the nature of the souls…they all died feeling negative impulses, things left unfinished, unsaid. Anyone within the surrounding area feeling as badly as Jess did will have become perfect prey for those souls strong enough to reach forth from the Imax web and possess them.

[The Doctor approaches the possessed Jess]

I demand you relinquish control of my companion at once

On one condition…I request an audience with Quentin Cade, my partner

No, I will not permit others to enter this location. This place is protected

Then you shall be his host

And if I refuse?

I will take your companion with me in my walk across this world, and you shall never set eyes upon us again

[THE DOCTOR stands before the possessed companion JESS as RENA MAXWELL demands he surrender his own mind to her partner]

You are wasting time

I never waste a moment through time as I walk through it

Cease delaying and provide my partner with a vessel

I can only do that by giving in my own insecurities, my own fears

Yes, I can read your companion’s mind…she knows things about you, that you have such hidden fears, you don’t show it, but there is pain in your voice…so much you have suppressed

No, I will not give in

You must otherwise your companion shall never be with you again…it is the thought of that which drives you to despair now

[The Doctor shakes violently, he puts his hands to his head, he lets out a deafening roar of defiance, and then stiffens. He is ridged, just as Jess was before possession]
Is it done?

[The Doctor’s eyes snap open. He has become possessed by Rena’s partner QUENTIN]


Quentin, it’s you

This man’s mind resists my own, is this…natural?

It is expected of reluctant hosts, yes.

What is it you wish of me?

I need to be assured. I am…scared.

Why? We will have new life on IMAX Five

I know, but it will mean leaving this place behind…friends I’ve known, family I’ve loved

[Jess swiftly takes over again]

And what of me? I have family too, my sister, friends in my country…I worry for them too

[Jess and Rena argue. Two minds. One body]

How are you resisting me?

Remember what The Doctor said…don’t look down, don’t feel down. Possession is a two way circus where this is concerned

Mind your own business

My body, my business
[The Doctor briefly reasserts control]

That’s it Jess, channel your energies

Maybe it’s time you started looking up, see the positives that can come from seeking out new opportunities. Maybe once you adjust, you can visit your family and let them know you’re alright


In dreams. You can bestow upon them an invisible touch…a touch that brings with it hope and clarity. Maybe if you give them instructions to come here, a map fresh in their minds. The web will remember their presence, their connection, and it will gather their souls when the time has come to peacefully loosen from the grip of this mortal coil

I have your word on it?

Of course, a time lord’s word is his bond.

My sins won’t find punishment in due time will they?

Everyone forgives in time

Very well, I shall wait. WE shall wait.

Yes, we will

[Both The Doctor and Jess shake slightly, then gradually regain their bearings]

Jess, are you ok?

I feel fine now Doctor, Rena is gone

She and Quentin have returned to the web…come on, it’s best we left

I’m sorry if I let everything cave in on me earlier Doc

It’s fine…this is how you end the day, with a lesson learned in your life

Won’t your friend be curious about what happened today?

I think it’s best we leave this little altercation out of my report to her…she doesn’t like ghost stories

Not a believer in spirits is she? She probably thinks it’s all alien

You’d be surprised at what Sarah Jane Smith believes in

So long as she believes in you the way I do, we’re fine


Bob’s Burgers-It’s My Jam [Fanfic]




The dominance of Ga-Ga Ball was over.

Back in vogue were acting like cats across the playground of Wagstaff and sculpting perfectly formed breasts on hedge sculptures.

For one champion of the defunct sport however, falling back into more traditional activities proved weary.

Regular Size Rudy walked over to the basketball court and lay down on the tarmac, staring gently up at the sky, watching them form images that only his mind could perceive.

“Hey Rudester” came a voice from the left of him, Rudy smiled before turning, he knew who it was.

“”I thought you wanted that nickname banned” he said as Louise Belcher lay down next to him

“Hey, that was only so I could have exclusive rights to it, y’know? Besides, that was before you got me to channel my own compeititive spirt and play that game” she said.

“Sorry we were so taken in by it” Rudy continued, “It gave me so much confidence, but it also gave me too big an ego

“And it gave Gene the willes, good thing he convinced us all it was taking away the independence of the playground” Louise said.

“He still working on another hedge sculpture?” Rudy asked.

“He’s trying to give the thing braces now” Louise said.

“Hedge sculpting is great” Rudy replied

“It’s kind of considered vandalism here” Louise added.

“Which is even better” said Rudy, which made Louise laugh.

“So what are you thinking about?” she asked.

“Trying to picture myself in the clouds, slamming an ace dunk across the courtyard” said Rudy.

“Still hung up on your failings at basketball I see” noted Louise.

“That’s my jam Louise, that’s why I felt so empowered by Ga-Ga Ball, the chance for David to slay Goliath. This might sound a tad blasphemous, but being the person I was in that pit made me feel biblical”

“Well, thinking you’re God may be a little lofty, but it’s more preferable than declaring yourself a Phantom Menace, I’m glad you’re working on a page one rebuild of yourself, just don’t make it an Episode I rebuild, you know what I’m saying?” Louise replied.

The pair clutched their hands together and stared long and hard until they saw an image come together as the clouds danced around them.

“That’s a basketball net isn’t it?” said Louise looking at the right set of clouds, before turning and staring to the left of her.

“Wow, is that Michael Jordan? He looks pretty short” Louise observed.

“No, it’s Elmer Fudd. You have seen that movie right?” Rudy replied.

Louise smiled, and tightened her grip on Rudy’s hand.

“You know what the scary part is about you persuading me to play the game? Even when you turn out to be wrong, you’re always able to convince me you’re right”

Rudy turned and gently stroked her face with his right hand.

“This too, is so my jam” Rudy quietly whispered.

We Insist Upon This Realm (original poem)



Long and distant whispers
As unquiet as the soul
Fill the rooms around us
They bring comfort to us all
Close your eyes and listen
And believe there is a place
Where echoes of our confessions
Inform the heavens of our race
We pray that our sins cause commotion
Among those standing at the helm
And they look kindly on the parliament where we insist upon this realm

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That Spells Owl [Original Story]




It’s heartache.

The letters are laid out on the keyboard before you, all in the wrong order.

Christ, not even the alphabet is spelled correctly.

That’s what awaits you as you leave this not-so-perfect world even for a minute to indulge in crafting fantasies for others, you are tasked with bringing to life in another reality what you cannot offer where you are presently.

People stutter, people stammer, they can’t produce the words sometimes in presentations or speeches, so what makes you think you have the power to make the fiction surpass the reality?

Spell checker you ask, you must always use spell checker.

Connected to a vast library of proper pronounciations, capable of detecting a typo, all you have to do is screw up.

It won’t judge you.

In the final assesment, that’s all up to you.

Keith understood that as he typed in the instructions, the sentence structure, to the beta model of O.W.L, the latest line in a series of L.O.L models.

It was no joke, L.O.L.

Ladies Off Limits.

A booming artificial escort enterprise, named the way they are for their difficulties passing legal channels, and sold at steep prices.

“Hey, it’s late, you want to head out to Rousey’s place?” Keith’s friend asked as he entered the work cublicle, put on his coat and checked the time.

Keith turned his chair around, scratching the back end of his neck.

“Nah, nah I’ve got to get the typing right otherwise she’ll just be uttering gibberish” Keith replied.

“I’ve never much cared for volume on these puppies” his friend added, walking over to the beta model and stroking her breasts firmly with both hands

“Hey, don’t touch that” Keith cautioned.

“Oh pipe down, she does’nt feel it” his friend said in protest.

“She’s meant to Fred, alright, that was the mandate that came in” Keith replied.

Fred suddenly had modest interest.

“Really now?” he asked, “They want emotion in motion? Why, does it give other customers a thrill? What happened to the chirpy inspirational speeches that let them know the loveless could be loved?”

“Some don’t go for that, some don’t want anything out of that” Keith explained.

“This is too weird, since when did this order come in? What changed the old man’s mind?”

“It’s got nothing to do with the old man, it’s his son, he pointed it out”

“Pointed what out?” Fred asked

“He heard her speak alright” Keith revealed, the tension visible on his features as he straightened his tie, “He was down in the lab, he wanted a demonstration, I gave him one. She spoke, he listened, he went to the board, talked it over a bit, he came back and gave me the mandate. Old Man does’nt know about it”

“Then how can it go ahead? Everything goes through him” Fred continued. Keith just stared into him, depending on his friend’s instincts to lead him down the neccersary deduction.

Fred did not disappoint.

“You telling me you’re being privatley contracted? The young kid wants

“Ask her what her name is” Keith asked

“What? I know the broad’s name. O.W.L is’nt it?” said Fred.

“Ask it” said Keith.

Fred walked up to the beta model, he took out a ciggerette from his pocket, he lit it.

“Ok lady, spell it out for me. What’s your name?” he asked.

“Ow” she said

“Excuse me?” Fred asked, a little perplexed.

“Ow” she said.

“Spell it. Spell your name” Fred said, starting to get a little excited.

“O.W” she continued.

Fred was surprised, as well as a tad ecstatic.

“You dyslexic motherfucker, you spelt her name wrong in the protocalls did’nt you?” said Fred, his eyes gleeming with mischeivous intent.

Keith tensley wiped the sweat off his forehead and resumed working at the keyboard.

“Yeah, now I have to make sure I get the remainder down to a precise science” he explained.

“Hey, you know what O.W.L stands for right?” Fred asked

“It’s supposed to stand for One Without Limits” Keith replied.

“No, no that’s where you’re wrong…now she’s One Without. No wonder the kid started pining for her. Her name is pain, lack of compassionship counts as some kind of pain…yeah, it’s endearing. Maybe he thinks he can complete her…but with a name like that…a status like that…she’s the perfect fit for like-minded men who can’t make the most of thier dicks”

“Sounds like you want to pitch this really badly” said Keith.

“Maybe I do, maybe the board need extra persuasion. I’ll schedule an appointment in the morning” Fred said, taking one of the ciggeretts and plaing it in the Beta Model’s mouth.

“Here doll, I think you’ll be more in need of these every day than me” he said.

As Fred left, Keith’s thoughts turned back to the reality he was, and the reality he was shaping for …or O.W, and the power of typing in instruction after instruction.

It was heartache.

But typos in his world?

They were heartbreak.

Amazing Spider-Man-To Teach Is To Learn Twice [Fanfic]


Within the apartment of Stark Enterprises C.E.O Mary Jane Watson, two souls, once distant through a series of reluctant and regretful choices, were again coming together in a tender and long desired embrace

The kiss was tangible, real, and true.

The two souls, Mary Jane and her best friend, the fallen tech mogul Peter Parker, giggled uncontrollably as the splendor of their kiss allowed sensations and memories familiar to both of them to come to vivid life.

Wild, priceless images of passions shared at the likes of airports, and the top of the empire state building, merged into a seamless tapestry of joy and pleasure.

“You’re one hell of a scientist Parker” MJ said as she hastily unbuttoned Peter’s shirt

“Why do you say that?”

“You just proved time travel is possible, one kiss and we’re right back to the way things always should…”

She stopped mid-sentence as Peter’s shirt gave way, revealing a familiar black emblem on a red and blue costume underneath.

She reeled back.

“What’s wrong?” Peter asked.

Mary Jane played delicately with her hands, she bit her lip and turned her head, placing one hand gently under her chin. She began to ponder, anxious and unsure of what to say.

Peter stared at the Spider emblem on his costume, and instantly understood the problem.

“Oh. My web-thing” he said.

“Your web-thing” Mary Jane replied.

“Look, if this is making you uncomfortable…I should go” Peter said.

Mary Jane’s response surprised him.

“No” she said

“No?” Peter said.

“No…no it doesn’t bother me, it should, but…I don’t think it matters anymore”

“You feeling ok Red?” said Peter.

Mary Jane moved over to his side of the couch again, a little more prepared, she tugged more at the shirt, urging Peter to remove it and to let her see him in his costume.

“Peter, I work with Stark, he works with superheroes..if I had as much of a problem with your kind of work as I thought I did, I would have caved instantly, I’d never be as involved as I am now with it”

“When we were investigating Regent, you said working with Tony was different, that it was easier than dealing with my life” said Peter.

“In a way I was right at the time” Mary Jane explained, “It seemed easier, but the experience with Regent taught me life is never easy for your type Peter, I learned that as soon as I put yourself in your shoes, and not for the first time either, when I helped you and Tony tackle Regent. You taught me there, just as you taught me when all of Manhattan shared your powers, that while nothing is easy, your efforts ensure that everything-anything– is possible. That’s why I thanked you when you went off to free the other heroes…for everything that you taught me in that instant, for everything you continue to teach me through the hardships and great falls you overcome”

“MJ…when I was teaching, back before it all went crazy, when I thought I’d lost you the first time, I learned from my experience a very valuable asset…to teach is to learn twice, the tutor learns from the students just as much as the opposite does…you’ve learned so much from me, but I’ve learned to trust in my fellow man through your humanity and faith in me, it’s what pushes me, why I strive to be better, and what keeps me running up that steep hill. You learn, you teach, and you complete another phase of your journey…our journey” Peter replied, stroking her red hair delicately with his hands.

“Did you learn any secrets of a successful marriage while teaching?” MJ snarked.

“Don’t go there” Peter replied.

“Too late, something in the back of my mind always does” MJ explained.

“Really?” Peter asked.

“It’s tucked neatly between my common sense and a deja vu sensation we got when battling Regent, that sense we’d done it all before…only back then we were…whole”

“Like now?” said Peter, kissing her gently on the forehead, MJ curled up and snuggled up next to him.

“I’m not sure what this’ll become” she said.

Peter’s eyes stared at the clock.

“It’s getting close to midnight” Peter said.

“You want to stay?” MJ asked.

“Sure, why not? Before you know it, it’ll be a brand new day” a confidant Peter replied.