Power Rangers Zeo: Good As Gold-The Scorpion Rain Edit [Fanedit]



As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations, here’s the latest draft of a new Power Rangers Zeo fanedit I put together. It’s the season finale “Good as Gold” with it’s climatic battle radically altered so that the Zeo Rangers face off against Lord Zedd and Serpenterra. This also provides more adequate closure for the crew of the Lunar Palace as they finally withdraw from the moon and retire until the rise of Dark Spectre.

If you’re new to the Scorpion Rain hoax, visit this link for details on it’s origins and it’s legacy


Download Here

A passion project of mine for well over eight years, this is it in it’s third form. As I have improved my skills as an editor over the years, I’ve always found going back to this hybrid mish-mash of episodes a very creative challenge

If you’re wondering why the Cogs are still fighting the Rangers here, just assume Zedd has control of them after taking out the Skybase or they’re the ones the Tengas had been taking the wires out of

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