Star Wars: The Ford Awakens Announcement & Timeline [Fanedit]

Announcing a very special Star Wars: Force Awakens fanedit. What if poor Harrison Ford was denied yet another chance at going out in a blaze of glory?

That’s right, I’ve worked out a way of having Han live throughout the entire movie, and he accompanies Rey on her search for Luke at the end.

Other changes so far include

-Leia sensing the Starkiller’s attack on the republic
-R2 awakens when BB8 first finds him
-No lightsaber duel with Kylo, Rei, or Finn.
-Planets Daquar and Tokondana are now the same world
-Han and Chewie’s explosives bring down the shields


-First 47 minutes are straight up regular Force Awakens. Changes occur when the falcon escapes the hijackers
-Falcon arrives at Daquar, Finn meets Poe, all references to Rey being captured removed
-R2 awakens, the map to Luke is completed
-Leia and Han argue, Rey finds Luke’s lightsaber and has her vision, this triggers her awakening, Snoke informs Kylo of this, Snoke then learns the location of the Resistance base.
-The Resistance put together their strategy regarding Starkiller base.
-The First Order attacks Daquar, Finn is given the lightsaber
-Footage of Tokunda battle now represents the Daquar invasion
-Starkiller destroys Republic planets, Rey grieves with eia.
-Han, Finn, Rey and Chewie journey to Starkiller,
-Han and Chewie plant bombs, Han confronts Kylo, Kylo ignites his lightsaber off-camera, leaving Chewie no choice but to attack, he then sets off the explosives. The shields are brought down by the explosions.
-Resistance destroy Starkiller base
-Han says goodbye to Leia, tells Rey and Finn all about why Luke dissapeared
-Footage of the Falcon arriving at Tokodana used for the Falcon arriving at Luke’s island
-Ending the same as Force Awakens

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