Star Wars: The Ford Awakens [Fanedit]


I’ve worked out a way of having Han live throughout the entire movie, and he accompanies Rey on her search for Luke at the end.


– Leia sensing the Starkiller’s attack on the republic
– R2 awakens when BB8 first finds him
– No lightsaber duel with Kylo, Rey, or Finn.
– Planets Daquar and Tokondana are now the same world
– Han and Chewie’s explosives bring down the shields (special credit to Last Impressions for this idea)

To give Han a second chance, and hope for a reunion with Luke
-First 47 minutes are straight up regular Force Awakens. Changes occur when the falcon escapes the hijackers

-Falcon arrives at Daquar, Finn meets Poe, all references to Rey being captured removed
-R2 awakens, the map to Luke is completed
-Leia and Han argue, Rey finds Luke’s lightsaber and has her vision, this triggers her awakening, Snoke informs Kylo of this, Snoke then learns the location of the Resistance base.
-The Resistance put together their strategy regarding Starkiller base.
-The First Order attacks Daquar, Finn is given the lightsaber
-Footage of Tokunda battle now represents the Daquar invasion
-Starkiller destroys Republic planets, Rey grieves with eia.
-Han, Finn, Rey and Chewie journey to Starkiller,
-Han and Chewie plant bombs, Han confronts Kylo, Kylo ignites his lightsaber off-camera, leaving Chewie no choice but to attack, he then sets off the explosives. The shields are brought down by the explosions.
-Resistance destroy Starkiller base
-Han says goodbye to Leia, tells Rey and Finn all about why Luke dissapeared
-Footage of the Falcon arriving at Tokodana used for the Falcon arriving at Luke’s island
-Ending the same as Force Awakens

Special Thanks:
jrWHAG42, DigModiFicaTion, wilhelm scream, Masirimso17, Last Impressions, OriginalTrilogy’s GeoMFilms (these two especially for much of the final act), and my best friend for sharing this with fellow SW fans.

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5 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Ford Awakens [Fanedit]”

  1. Hi Zarius. Great job on the force awakens. You editing han back to the life was legend. looking forward to the last jedi edit. Would you consider rendering these in 1080p? thanks


  2. I’ve seen that clip…I’d like to try and pitch the meeting right after Luke says “where’s han?” and then we see those bits in the Falcon…likely would keep their communication silent, looks conveying everything. I might go that route with Luke and Leia too.


  3. That idea excites me…I’ll see what I can do. I’ve been thinking of finding ways of having Luke legit arrive at the end rather than be a force ghost and accompany everyone on the Falcon, but the ending might be hard to pull off (unless I end it without him confronting Kylo). when I buy the DVD I’ll let you know my intentions. Thanks again.


  4. Definitely an improvement over the original film! I have a request: can you do a Last Jedi edit in the same continuity as your Ford Awakens edit? I like some of the edits (i.e. the anti-cringe cut) that remove Luke’s death, the subplots and scenes where the heroes act like idiots, and the attempts at humor that aren’t funny. However, there isn’t a single cut where Luke and Leia BOTH live that doesn’t reference Han dying. Could you do something like that?
    Many thanks!


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