The Simpsons-Finest Hour [FANEDIT]




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6 thoughts on “The Simpsons-Finest Hour [FANEDIT]”

  1. Well, that didn’t last long…you need to stop begging me to work with you, I’m not going to, not anymore, stalking me for money isn’t a healthy way of promoting yourself. I can’t afford your services right now and now I have no interest in your services whatsoever. You will remain blocked on my discord until you learn to respect my wishes. In the meantime, go harass someone else.


  2. Why isn’t this in Google drive and posted anywhere else? Like a discord server? Add me on discord


  3. I love this edit. I’ve watched it almost ten times now. If there is any chance of a 1080p version that would be amazing. Either way thanks so much for making this, it turned an average movie into one of my favorite Simpsons stories


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