License Retained Samples [Fanedit]

I’ve made some progress on ironing out the creative difficulties in this and am well on my way, so I feel secure in announcing this project

License to Kill is one of James Bond’s most under looked glories, a brilliant and gritty glimpse into a rogue 007 using his wits and cunning to slowly and systematically take down a drug baron’s criminal empire. It’s a tough ordeal, but Bond pulls through and gets back in Blighty’s good graces, and while it ends on a happy note for Bond, it is bittersweet because the pursuit of Sanchez cost him several friends.

This edit is designed to lessen the cost of LTK, rearranging key scenes and discarding many to create a more optimistic, alternative Bond film. Here, Sharky doesn’t die, and Felix gets his happy ever after. A bit blasphemous of me to lessen the edge off this Bond classic, but I feel there’s enough material in here to still elevate this film to the fine standards fans hold it to.

Cut List

M stripping Bond of his license.
Sharky’s death cut
Bond and Lupe’s first meeting on Crest’s boat cut
Bond is already with Pam as the movie begins, so their meeting is cut.
Titles now occur after Bond and Pam run into Lupe, Bond and Lupe have history, their encounter on the boat is referenced, but that’s the extent of it. Title theme is “Snake Eater” from the Metal Gear Solid prequel game of the same name, slightly trimmed to fit titles. I’m also using a clean version of the LTK titles, though I might mix it in a bit with the standard titles.
Sanchez escapes during the climatic lorry chase and Bond, Felix and Sharky pursue him to Key West, where he is captured. Felix and Della get married.
Movie ends with Bond driving off alone into the night, with Felix telling Della he was married