Doctor Who-The Parting of the Ways [Fanedit]

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Discussing this episode on Doctor Who forum “The Hive” got me excited about the potential of tweaking the ending of this episode so that Rose doesn’t resurrect Jack Harkness and there’s no foreshadowing of a regeneration before Eccelston begins his farewell speech.

I was able to pull it off by grabbing a line Eccelston says shortly after Rose says “I bring life” and bring it around to just before she says that line (which then led to a shot of Jack coming to life), the line worked really well and segued neatly into the rest of the scene.

Another tricky part was editing out Jack approaching the TARDIS just before it dematerialised, I had to time the take off just right, and then cut to the interiors, also removing some of Rose’s dialogue so the tone was more sombre, with Rose confused and The Doctor preparing for the end.

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4 thoughts on “Doctor Who-The Parting of the Ways [Fanedit]”

  1. In that case, I apologise for editing your post. That was very wrong-footed of me and mostly reactionary, I probably should learn to grow up a little myself. Ugh. I’m sorry the edit wasn’t for you, but it was never intended to ‘replace’ episodes in your collection, it was a fun experiment for me


  2. I like most of your edits, this one just bugged me. You do good work I loved your hell bent edit. I think you got some serious talent I was just venting some of my frustration on this particular edit. Sorry if it came off overly hostile that wasn’t my intention.

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  3. probably one of your most stupid edits. captain jack being resurrected is important to the narrative of the show as a whole.


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