The Fragrance [Original Story]

It hadn’t always been a thought. Now it was. Just a thought, a faint whisper in the corridors of the stately country manor, a thought that belonged to no one but…him.

He was the thought’s friend, someone who drifted along the corridors of the mansion in a haunted state, reflecting on loss, and becoming weighed down by the cost of that loss.

The thought channelled a pleasant idea into the friend’s powerful brain, one of hope, it made him stronger, and in time, it made him cherish the thought.

Then, over time, the friend began to resent the thought, so much so that he would conspire to defeat it, he would send it into distress, and he would make it question its own right to exist.

He asked it a question that dared not be answered.

For an idea to exist, a thought must occur to bring it into substance, but what truly came first? The thought or the idea?

The thought didn’t like to feel this way, it liked to remain in control, thoughts, it believed, were instructions, ways of communicating how the universe would like people to proceed, to perform.

Thoughts weren’t to be questioned, instructions weren’t to be ignored, and people should never cease to proceed or perform.

It was not the way of the world.

The ‘friend’ seemed tailor-made for mischief, and ultimately committed to making the thought suffer, that he asked this question for several days and nights, even in his deepest of sleeps, until the thought could not stand to speak to him, and in time, it was driven from the estate, leaving the fellow traveller along with no familiar thought to call his own. All he had left was action.

Perhaps that is why he left the manor, and dared not come back.

Afraid the thought would find him again, and speak its business.

Years passed, and the former friend of the thought would travel some more, he would find renewed companionship, it would find a whole new identity five times over, and he, now she, would find a family.

Little did she know that the thought had given itself time to reflect upon itself, it had dared not asked the question, but it had come up with a much simpler answer.


It would travel to where it’s former friend had settled, it would creep into her head and it would remind her of the wrongs she had wrought upon it, hoping in time she would beg it’s forgiveness.

Nothing could be made right. Nothing could be put back the way it was, the question was there, in the ether, in the very fabric of collective thinking spread out across the entire galaxy, it would not stop, even if it had been definitively answered a thousand times, for there would always be a new soul to challenge.

It too, had become a thought, and the thought that we know could not escape it.

The thought had become tangible, real, a telekinetic force of great invisible energy, but it’s rage was quite lethal, it had intruded already on many humbler minds, and left them scarred, or in despair, or worse.

That would be what it would inflict upon its former friend when it found her again, and the dream was drawing nearer to realisation.

It passed through Earth’s atmosphere, having travelled far into space and back again on its travels, and entered a fog-ridden corner of Sheffield. Using its abilities, the thought moved steadily along,

And then, there it was, there came the familiar ideas, the old questions.

It had found him. Now her.

And the thought, now fragrance, would linger

Power Rangers Wild Force: Forever Red-End of Session Edition [Fanedit]

Power Rangers Forever Red


As I continue to edit various Power Rangers episodes,  the one I’ve been most pleased so far with is the one I’ve done for “Forever Red” the 10th anniversary story from 2002. I’ve repurposed it so it now serves not just as a finale to Power Rangers Wild Force (in place of the “Tnd of the Power Rangers” two-parter) but also a prequel to 2009’s Power Rangers RPM, which at the time was intended to be the last season.


  1. Added “Previously On…” montage depicting Master Org’s ultimate defeat
  2. Added Cole saying goodbye to Red Lion
  3. Forever Red plays as normal
  4. Added scenes of Cole making peace with his parents’ memory as well as Victor Adlers’ as well Allisa telling the class of what happened to the Rangers afterwards, all taken from “The End of the Power Rangers Part Two”. The scenes where they give up their growl phones and powers has been removed to give you the hope they will eventually return to active Ranger duty.
  5. Special epilogue created for the ending using footage and audio from the RPM title sequence and the episode “Road to Corinth”

Power Rangers Turbo-Shift Into Turbo Part One [Fanedit]



The fifth season of Power Rangers is hailed as the worst of the Zordon era, for the first sixteen or so episodes of Power Rangers Turbo, it can be argued there is a case for this.

Based off a fairly comical Sentai, Turbo took itself far too seriously, the plots often being played straight despite the zanyness of the concpets. It took a showrunner change, a healthy mixture of high stakes storytelling and an embrace of the cheesy lunacy of Carranger, and the sacking of 97% of the established cast in favour of the next generation to create the Turbo season it’s fans fondly remember.

It’s premiere storyline was actually the Turbo movie, and the follow up which started the season proper was the three parter Shift Into Turbo. Many of my ‘fondest’ memories getting into fanediting was trying to repurpose this story as a grand exist stage left for everybody, Zordon, Alpha, Tommy, Kat, Tanya, and Adam. It was ambitious, and it was ultimately a mess.

When remounting projects, you have to take a look at them again and wonder if what you were trying to make up for was worth discarding in the first place? Was there something in Shift Into Turbo that could be spared? The thing about this trilogy is, it that it devotes itself to three essentials…villain and threat, Ranger action, and Zord commercial for the third part. I chose to focus on the Ranger action, on the characters graduation. The wormhole plot is referenced and built upon, but you can just switch to the traditional third part and pretend it’s the second. In this edit, only parts one and two of this story are fused together.

Gone is some of the graduation day preparation, gone is too much time spent on Divatox’s planet, and to the relief of all, there is Bulk and Skull being turned to monkeys. justin still finds his way to the energy plant without homing in on the plight of the chimps, and the reason he’s there is thankfully covered by Zordon.

Turbo’s first half can be salvaged, let’s see if this is more you speed.



Let Me Pitch This-The ‘Final Season Of The Simpsons’ [Fanedit Idea]


Hey hey kids.

I would like to request input and advise on a special project I’m proposing to talented fans, a fan-made  ‘final season’, of the show we can achieve this by carefully cherry-picking the best of any post-season eight episodes, ones that provide sufficient ‘closure’ for some existing plot points and character arcs, or by fan-editing/fan-mixing episodes together, (this can include material from the various Treehouse of Horrors also), to add to the ‘season’.

Youtube Channels like ‘Dark Simpsons’ shows editing episodes into something totally different can be achieved, so we surely can attempt it on a bigger scale.

Here is an article that have helped me so far:

Potential concepts for edited episodes (not set in stone, just ideas I’m pitching)

-Edit The Simpsons Movie into a 60-minute special for ‘fall sweeps’ (I’ve kind of already got this one in the bag)

-Who Shot Mr. Burns?-Edited down to one part, Burns dies for real after Maggie shoots him. Entire investigation cut (he tried to block out the sun, screw him)

-Possibly using “The Principal and the Pauper” only cutting out the parts that put the status quo back in place. Maybe have Skinner leave town on the motorbike and never come back. Fill up space by adding this as a b-plot to another episode’s a-plot.

If anyone would like to chip in and recommend episodes that I could watch for inspiration or for episodes to edit/cut down/combine with others, please feel free to contribute.

Crack each other’s heads open, and feast on the goo inside. I for one welcome you as my overlords

Discuss and contribute to the reddit thread on the subject

Doctor Who-The Angels Take Manhattan: Rory Restored Cut [Fanedit]

Angels Take ManhattanAnyone who caught “The Doctor’s Wife” watchalong may have stumbled on the little online treat on the Doctor Who Lockdown Youtube Channel reuniting Arthur Darvil and the disembodied voice of Karen Gillen as Amy and Rory Williams will no doubt have thought to themselves ‘wow, now I wish this scene had been in the actual episode”….thoughts like that are precisely what sites like these are for, to take those dreams and make them reality.

This is the third time I’ve made my way back to this episode for an edit, and with each take, it continues to evolve…I knew this one had to be different, not just for the inclusion of the ‘Rory’s Story’ short, but also to make it stand out more uniquely than the original episode. My previous edits had arranged things like Rory and Amy surviving the Angel’s touch and removing Rory’s tombstone, but here on the third go, all of that is kept in for the sake of the short, hence the “Restored” part of the title. Rory’s fate is restored to an edit of mine, and Rory himself now gets the final word instead of Amy, as we focus on their future rather than wish their past a fond farewell. Amy said all she needed to say to the raggedy man at the cemetary anyway.

So where does that leave The Doctor? Why, a date with River of course. This time River does not leave Eleven to feel sad and sorry, this time she travels with him. I made use of the short minisode “Rain Gods” found elsewhere on the series seven DVD to acheive this task…and you’ll find it’s not the only minisode I used here. Now instead of that long pre-title side-story for the doomed detective, The Doctor’s short trip (hur hur), to the inforarium (using the minisode of the same name) is used instead. If you choose, you can skip through the episode straight to the Rain Gods scene as everything in the middle is uncut.

New York, the city of a million stories, some of them haven’t happened yet.

We’re managing.


Red Dwarf-The Promised Land: Feral Edition [Fanedit]

Red Dwarf Promised LandDownload Cover Art 

First of all, a big thanks to the attention my alternate ending edits received from some of you fine fellas out there. I’m glad they could entertain you, it certainly proved to be an  inspirational couple of days where work on this was concerned. The whole edit just kept evolving, I must have went through fifteen or so takes before I settled on a version I was currently happy with. At the moment, this is just the try-out TX version, I intend to make a second version once I have the official DVD.

Gone is most of the first ten or so minutes, one portion moved to the very end and the rest cut down, especially the feral cats. Now Rodan is interested only in killing the Dwarf crew for ‘losing’ the anubis stone, which is not handed over to them in this version. Also gone is most of the scenes while Starbug is trapped on the desert planet.

Why did I remove Lister’s followers losing their faith? Because the whole “you’re not who I thought you were” thing isn’t given time to really breath as a concept, on top of that it’s cliched writing 101 and takes something further away from Lister, who’s already lost his crew, Kochanski (twice), his kids and the respect of his own father (himself), so why not for once just let him keep his sacred place amongst the kittens?

I realised that if I removed Lister’s followers losing their faith, I’d have to remove the whole portion of the plot that deals with the Anubis stone…which of course is the macguffin that leads to Rimmer becoming diamond light and saving the ship. Rewatching the episode I figured out a way to make the ‘Dwarfers never give up the stone when they first confront the cats at the Iron Star, and it still plays a role later in giving Rimmer his powers.

Which brings me to the bigger change in the edit….killing off Rimmer…Cat lamenting Rimmer’s loss and asking who he won’t like now still fits with the storyline of Rimmer feeling unloved.

The special provided me with the best possible closure also, something from the first five or ten minutes of the episode, where it’s just Kryten, Cat and Lister together,  and placing it towards the end, repurposing Lister’s directionless behaviour as being more to do with the fact Rimmer is gone than being the last human alive, though that certainly plays a part in it too.

Download Edit

HBO Presents….Power Rangers [Fanedit]

MMPR logo

A reworking of a previous edit I did. This collects several of the more controversial Power Rangers fanfilms such as MMPR and Power/Rangers, and combines them with Bat In The Sun’s Street Fighter Special and the Shattered Grid trailer to create a 18 or so minute ‘proof-of-concept’ presentation of a more grown up take on the programme.

Unlike the previous version, this one tries to stick to the right aspect ratios, although I still came up short a bit with some MMPR footage mid-way through the episode. Ah well.

Happy Easter.

Password: fanedit