Red Dwarf-The Promised Land: Feral Edition [Fanedit]

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First of all, a big thanks to the attention my alternate ending edits received from some of you fine fellas out there. I’m glad they could entertain you, it certainly proved to be an  inspirational couple of days where work on this was concerned. The whole edit just kept evolving, I must have went through fifteen or so takes before I settled on a version I was currently happy with. At the moment, this is just the try-out TX version, I intend to make a second version once I have the official DVD.

Gone is most of the first ten or so minutes, one portion moved to the very end and the rest cut down, especially the feral cats. Now Rodan is interested only in killing the Dwarf crew for ‘losing’ the anubis stone, which is not handed over to them in this version. Also gone is most of the scenes while Starbug is trapped on the desert planet.

Why did I remove Lister’s followers losing their faith? Because the whole “you’re not who I thought you were” thing isn’t given time to really breath as a concept, on top of that it’s cliched writing 101 and takes something further away from Lister, who’s already lost his crew, Kochanski (twice), his kids and the respect of his own father (himself), so why not for once just let him keep his sacred place amongst the kittens?

I realised that if I removed Lister’s followers losing their faith, I’d have to remove the whole portion of the plot that deals with the Anubis stone…which of course is the macguffin that leads to Rimmer becoming diamond light and saving the ship. Rewatching the episode I figured out a way to make the ‘Dwarfers never give up the stone when they first confront the cats at the Iron Star, and it still plays a role later in giving Rimmer his powers.

Which brings me to the bigger change in the edit….killing off Rimmer…Cat lamenting Rimmer’s loss and asking who he won’t like now still fits with the storyline of Rimmer feeling unloved.

The special provided me with the best possible closure also, something from the first five or ten minutes of the episode, where it’s just Kryten, Cat and Lister together,  and placing it towards the end, repurposing Lister’s directionless behaviour as being more to do with the fact Rimmer is gone than being the last human alive, though that certainly plays a part in it too.

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