Let Me Pitch This-The ‘Final Season Of The Simpsons’ [Fanedit Idea]


Hey hey kids.

I would like to request input and advise on a special project I’m proposing to talented fans, a fan-made  ‘final season’, of the show we can achieve this by carefully cherry-picking the best of any post-season eight episodes, ones that provide sufficient ‘closure’ for some existing plot points and character arcs, or by fan-editing/fan-mixing episodes together, (this can include material from the various Treehouse of Horrors also), to add to the ‘season’.

Youtube Channels like ‘Dark Simpsons’ shows editing episodes into something totally different can be achieved, so we surely can attempt it on a bigger scale.

Here is an article that have helped me so far:


Potential concepts for edited episodes (not set in stone, just ideas I’m pitching)

-Edit The Simpsons Movie into a 60-minute special for ‘fall sweeps’ (I’ve kind of already got this one in the bag)

-Who Shot Mr. Burns?-Edited down to one part, Burns dies for real after Maggie shoots him. Entire investigation cut (he tried to block out the sun, screw him)

-Possibly using “The Principal and the Pauper” only cutting out the parts that put the status quo back in place. Maybe have Skinner leave town on the motorbike and never come back. Fill up space by adding this as a b-plot to another episode’s a-plot.

If anyone would like to chip in and recommend episodes that I could watch for inspiration or for episodes to edit/cut down/combine with others, please feel free to contribute.

Crack each other’s heads open, and feast on the goo inside. I for one welcome you as my overlords

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