Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV [Fanfilm Fanedit]


Utilising as many fan films as I could find on Youtube, I’ve constructed a thirty-minute live-action ‘fourth’ TMNT movie, doing my best with the material to weave together some kind of a coherent plot (it’ll be up to you to decide if I’ve succeeded in that regard), and using a song from the original movie’s soundtrack for the end credits (all of which I’ve taken from some of the fan films I use here)

The movie begins with Raphael working on his anger issues and reuniting with his brothers in Japan, while April moves in with Splinter for a while. Casey Jones in the meantime teams with Keno to try and prevent a canister of TGRI’s mutagen from falling into corrupt hands. Soon, the Foot get involved and kidnap April, just as the TMNT make their way back home to confront the Purple Dragons…

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  1. Dang it! I really wanna see this, but you know; the business with your Google Drive account basically being shut off.


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