Star Trek: Generations-Two Missions: ONE DESTINY

Brainstormed this while trying to help a fellow editor with ideas for a Generations edit.

With a “Kirkless” version of the movie already made by the CBB group way back in the 2000s, the next logical course of action would be to have a “Kirk Lives” version of the edit. My attempt sees Picard and Kirk embark on two separate missions upon leaving the nexus…Picard to stop Soran on the planet, and Kirk to save the Enterprise D from a warp core breach.

To this end, I repurposed Kirk’s task on the Enterprise-B, using all the footage of him involved in that fateful mission and using it to show him preventing the breach. It was pretty easy to restructure Picard vs Soran not to include Kirk, largely because they fight earlier on in the movie in parts that don’t involve him and I just brought them up to the climax.

Data does not piss off Doctor Crusher…although his emotion chip storyline is still in the movie, it has been considerably scaled back and all of his more manic and unfunny moments are completely cut (except for “yes” and “oooh shit”, which to me are funny)

Because the Enterprise-D survives the movie also, I used Worf’s promotion scene on the holodeck as one of the last acts. I cut to something else after Worf falls into the water…a widescreen version of the last few moments of “All Good Things”, just because the film didn’t feel ‘complete enough’ after Worf gets a dunking.

The movie now opens pretty much immediately with Picard and Troy discussing the death of his brother and nephew and the investigation by the crew on the research station.


Star Wars: Last Jedi, New Empire

It’s here, my latest Last Jedi edit. I don’t intend it to be the last, as I’m currently contemplating a 3-in-1 trilogy…I just need to outline it a bit.

For now though, please enjoy this. I have added much of Kylo’s early interactions with Palaptine from Rise of Skywalker to this film, one of the major changes includes having Kylo travel to Mustafar after Snoke berates him for being nothing but a ‘child in a mask’, he goes there and cuts people down just for the sport of it. Palapatine then contacts him via the force and compels him to retrieve a way finder, we then cut back to Rey and Luke on his island and carry on from there.

Palpatine shows up again, this time in the flesh rather than a voice-over, shortly after Ren kills Snoke. Kylo traveal to Exogal where there is some use of the Fortnite speech from Palapatine and some alterations to the encounter between Ren and the Emperor.

The last major change is Kylo reveals to Rey, via their psychic rapport, that she is the granddaughter of the Emperor. I figure it’d make more sense to give her an “Empire” moment in the second act of the trilogy just as Luke’s parentage was a key factor in the second act of the original trilogy.

There are other areas cut, such as Kylo smashing his helmet and Poe’s crank call to Hun, but not much else is removed from Last Jedi as this is more about adding than subtracting. I hope to cut more from Last Jedi for my 3-in-1 edit.