Spider-Man: Brand New Day [Fanedit]

“When Peter Parker makes a crucial mistake and accidentally reveals his true identity, his beloved Aunt May becomes the victim of a cruel and deadly attack. While playing chess, Peter is approached by a mysterious stranger who offers to make his world a little better…at the cost of his relationship with his soul mate May Jane Watson. Peter makes a deal with this devil and his world is turned upside down. Now Peter finds himself playing a dangerous game, while the world and everyone he loves within it becomes the plaything of not just Mephisto, but also Blackheart, his son”

Well, here it is at last. The release of the first draft of my keenly anticipated Spider-Man 4 project. I hope you enjoy it, give feedback if you can, it was a very tricky edit to pull off and I am aware there are numerous technical/framerate issues, hopefully they’re not too off putting. I intend to comb through this again at some point.


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  1. Update the Ben Kingsley scenes don’t work that well I may use John Malkovich movies found scenes that work better, and put together the vulture suit making montage, using scenes from Iron Man 2 and the excoskeleton surgery scene from elysium put together the opening after the play it moves on to the scene after the play from Spider-Man 2 shortening the scenes and after peter says
    “That Was Such a great play” it moves on to audio from the deleted scene were she says ” You were the on who always encouraged me” then the line were peter says “Well this is a special occasion your on broadway and through this scene backyard connection plays, then we move on to the vultures introduction which I am still working on.

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  2. I’m trying to make my own Spider-Man 4 edit with scenes from the PS4 game and with Ben Kingsley as Vulture using scenes from Homecoming and Mysterio scenes from Far From Home and it’s going to be a series I did the first 15 minutes still trying to put together a proposal scene after Peter sees the play I first did a deepfake of the proposal from 50 Shades Darker but it didn’t look good so now i’m looking for more scenes to use so I can do it I put together Peter’s lines and instead of saying i’m gonna ask MJ to marry me he says MJ Marry me and then i’m going to have her talk to her friends and use the bachelorette party but Peter is going to be present. By using scenes from the party in Spider-Man 2 it’s a slow process but I think it’s working.

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  3. I liked some parts and thought it had a lot of potential, my one problem is that it feels choppy and at times I can barely hear anything, my other problem was the weird angel Aunt May sitting in a chair, as well as the young Peter Parker wanting to play chess, I would’ve just had him do it as a hobby and nothing more, and I also would have added the Aunt May funeral scene from the PS4 game after she dies, I also would have used the Negative Man fight from PS4 with a Tobey Maguire dub I used the fight scene with shocker from PS4 and cut it down to feel more like a movie, that is something I would try doing. I liked the Mary Jane subplot planning a wedding, and the very beginning with Mephisto but I would have ended at the carvival with his eyes glowing because it dragged on from there, and at times I do agree Jorge the storyline is hard to follow, You said there was limited footage dispite the fact that there is way more footage then you say there is, and there is a lot more stuff you can work with. Take scenes from the movies and turn them into brand new scenes by adding dialogue from the games.

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  4. I’m sorry if I came across as too rude. That wasn’t my intention, I do like what you’re trying to do it just didn’t work for me. Have a pleasant day!

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  5. Hi, thanks for commenting. You are definitely not the first to give me feedback on this edit, others I’ve talked to have been more positive and have not expressed to me any real confusion over the ‘plot’, If you had issues, I am sorry the intent of the edit was not clear to you.

    Peter did not wish to retire as Spider-Man, he simply wished that his aunt would be healthy and his identity would no longer be public again, just like in the comics. It is difficult to convey this in an actual edit with limited resources, but that’s when trust in the audience to work it for themselves comes in.


  6. I respect what you’re trying to do. The idea has potential. But the way it’s set up, it’s a bit hard to follow what happens and the mixing footage doesn’t come together as a whole. For about a good chunk Peter’s in some weird Chess game complaining about Russians and Mary Jane is in a rom com, and about an hour later we’re suddenly introduced to Blackheart and Venom and Mephisto and it kinda wraps up. I thought Peter didn’t become Spider-Man because of this deal, but the ASM2 footage proved me wrong. More communication about the deal, how the deal changed the lives of Peter and MJ (Would Harry be brought back? Or someone else?) and if possible more scenes of Aunt May being alive so that we see how the deal affects her too. As it is, it’s too confusing to a casual viewer.

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